Monday, August 31, 2015

WOW! Ya se fue agosto!

I can’t believe that August is already over! A year ago I was thinking it took forever, still waiting in Mexico to go to the field!

This week has been pretty good. We taught Maria two more times, and she is super awesome! She called us like 5 minutes before she wants us to come over, but miraculously we always seem to have a open slot for her! She has been reading and studying. She will be baptized. We tried to put her on a date, but she realized how important baptism is and she said, "its like getting married." so she said she would think on a date to be baptized. She didn’t come to church this week because she was in Chicago. :/

We were tracting the other day and we ran into this lady named Karla. She is super awesome! She was asking all the perfect questions that led right into the next point of the restoration lesson! We taught her the whole resto including the Book of Mormon on the doorstep.

We taught the recent convert Choba again. She is so crazy and spunky, she reminds me of my Nana (grandma) and how she would act if she was speaking Spanish! 

We have been teaching English classes, and I really enjoy teaching English. Its fun to force them to speak in English, and really see that they really can speak a lot better than they let on.

So there is this eternigator (eternal investigator) who has been taught for 9 years, he just has some legal and word of wisdom problems. He signed himself up for rehab and flew out to California on Friday to fix his drug problems. This should help him a lot! Hopefully!

Funny note. So all the members say that Elder Harris and I are "Harris Porter" which sounds a lot like "Harry Potter" with their accent :)

Love you all!
Elder Porter

Going to dinner with Branch Mission Leader.

Dinner at Alarcon's

Mexican Hot Chocolate and Banana Bread

Saying goodbye to Francisco

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