Monday, August 3, 2015

Ultima semana otra vez del translado

So pday got switched to Monday suddenly because of some meetings. But I like pday on Monday’s better anyways!!!!

So this letter will be kinda short because its only been a couple days since I wrote you guys last.

So on Friday we went on exchanges and I stayed in my area with Elder Trapp from Oregon. We had a really awesome lesson with Juan. We read Alma 32 about faith. I have come up with this super cool commitment with this chapter as well. You give them a seed and compare the water, sun, and soil that the seed needs to grow to the three things a testimony/faith need to grow prayers, reading the scriptures, and going to church. And then you tell them that if it is lacking in one, it wont grow right. Then you commit them to plant the seed and every day when they water it to read a certain amount from the Book of Mormon and to pray. As they do this they will watch the plant grow, and their faith symbolically grow. I have had great success with this lesson/seed thingy every time I have done it. People are so excited to show you the seed they planted, and when you ask "are you reading and praying" they always say "YES!" so I hope that this will help Juan make the commitments he needs to make in order to grow his testimony and make it to baptism.

So we haven’t been able to teach Carolina this week, she has been super busy and hard to contact. But we tracted into a friend of hers that works at the same place. SO that was cool. The lady was super solid, and we referred her over to the English elders.

On Saturday we had a wide open day and it was super hard/long. But at the end of the day we went to this guy Javier’s house. And the whole family was there!!!! We had a super awesome restoration lesson. The mom had the hardest heart of them all and couldn’t understand for a while the purpose of Joseph Smith. She kept quoting the scripture that no one can get to the father except through Christ. But we helped her see that we only see him like Moses or Abraham. The lesson was super spiritual, and they even offered to feed us the next appointment we have with them. A good sign of a solid investigator--if they feed you. Being serious. 

Yesterday we had a good fireside with the Spanish branch and the Temple president. I love the temple.

So yesterday morning we went to this HUGE church called Grace Community Church and I was blown away at what they thought was a spiritual experience. IT was really just a rock concert with flashing lights and everything. No wonder our country is going downhill. I am so grateful for the spiritual haven that our Chapels are. I love being spiritually rejuvenated!


Elder Porter

Indianapolis Temple

Indianapolis Temple

Indianapolis Temple

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