MTC Photo's

Elder Porter & Elder Burgon "Weasley"
Elder Porter & Elder Shane Inman

Elder Kuhn and Bleazard without their teeth.

Saying Goodbye to Elder Cox.

The ultimate selfie
My room

The classroom where I spend most of my time.

Sewed the button on the Latino's suit coat.  I never through your skills would be useful in my personal life.
Elder Santana - he is a pretty cool guy.

Me and the Latino's that just left. Elder Santana and Elder Candia

Where I spend 14 hours a day.  I swear my butt is completely flat now. 

After I go into the bathroom.
The Mexico MTC (CCM) campus

Hermana Wainwright and Hermana Hall having a staring contest after putting peppermint oil under their eyes.  (notice Hermana Hall's tear coming off her chin!)

My new favorite candy.  Our teacher bought us all some.

Mexico sunrise

This candy is good.  Kind of like a pecan log.

Trying to get us clean sheets cuz they didn't give us new ones.  Too bad the window was locked.  However, I love my Leatherman!

Got a haircut, it was awful.  I'm bald, but it is coming back slowly!

SUPER BIG SPIDER IN THE CLASSROOM.  Way funny and scary too!

Cops parked in front of the bank, because MEXICO!

Mexico is pretty big ghetto

I love graffiti! and the city is full of it!

Lots of stray dogs - it breaks my heart.

Me and Elder Burgon

Me and Elder Madsen

Mexico Temple

I love graffiti - and the city is full of it!

The latino's say my name like "Harry Potter" and my companion is "Ron Weasley"

Stray dogs - breaks my heart.

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