Monday, August 10, 2015

Esoy embarazado! Voy a dar a luz mañana a un bebe ;)

So transfers are here. And the news is that I’m going to be training. And I am also leaving Goshen and moving up to Elkhart. So going to stay in the same branch. 

And this is super funny because my trainer was born in Elkhart, I was born in South Bend, and my trainee in Elkhart. 3 generations of missionaries born in the Elkhart 3rd branch.

But this week was good week. Kind of sad though because we had to drop Juan. We went for our appointment and he said he couldn’t meet today. So we asked if he had five minutes. He hadn’t completed with any commitments, and we talked with him and he said to stop by in a month to see how he is doing. I wish he could’ve progressed more.

Saturday we had the opportunity to go through the temple on one of the very last tours. I love the temple. They had 91,000 people go through the temple open house! Super awesome! Now we are just waiting for the dedication! 
We didn’t get home till 1:15am Sunday morning. We had to play 20 questions to keep us awake! But we got home safe! :) 

The other elders had a baptism yesterday of a super awesome lady named Senobia. She is super spunky and funny.  I will be able to give her the new member lessons :)

Elder Porter

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