Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Me encanta ver el templo

So our zone has changed p-day to Wednesday’s for this week and next for the sisters in our zone who miss pday on Monday due to the temple. I have to say it is so weird not to have pday on Monday, and really hard, but now we get to chill today so that’s cool!

So last week was kind of a hard week. But we found this cool lady named Carolina (like south Carolina) who might be super solid! she said she would commit to baptism if she knew it was true. We got to take Antonia to a lesson with her last week, and she says she is going to come to church this week.

We also had a super awesome miracle last week. We were going to go stop by a less active and when we got out of the car, Selena (a lady we had been teaching who disappeared) walked out of the next door house. So we found her and her friend Carla again! Carla actually has some potential, and we are super excited to teach them again!

So we had a cool experience with this guy named Valentin, he was a kid who stopped us on the street. We met with him, and it kinda got a little intense and contentious, so we left and asked to come by the next day. He is a pretty devout catholic so its different that teaching just "believers" but the next day when we went by, his brother was there who only spoke Spanish (Valentin speaks both) and started to argue with us from this bashing book he had. So as it got more heated, I just turned to Valentin and spoke to him in English. His brother just shut up then cuz he couldn’t understand. But we left and Valentin asked us if we could go for a walk because he didn’t like the way his brother was. So we took a walk around the block, and he said he would read the Book of Mormon! But sadly his visa expired and he had to go back to Mexico yesterday. SO I gave him so he could find the missionaries there.

So mom I think you prayed a ton that I could have some part with the temple, cuz it came true. So we were going down to the temple on Saturday with a less active and her boyfriend, and we left an hour early, and they left an hour late. So we got there like 2 hours before they did. And then a group of Hispanics showed up, and they asked us to translate for the tour guide, so I had the opportunity to translate a tour, which was cool! But then the less active showed up at the same time as a group of 70 Hispanics from Ohio. So the people in charge were freaking out cuz they weren’t expecting so many people. So they like grabbed me and tried to pull me away from my comp to give the tour. But then president showed up and I asked if I could leave my comp to go give the tour while E Blood stayed with the less active. He gave us permission to do it. So I grabbed a script (in English) and gave the tour. It was scary to do! But it turned out good! And then as soon as I got done with the tour, another big group showed up from Ohio and a lady in charge was like, "Oh God does provide, Elder come this way, we need you to do another tour."  So I got to do another tour! This one was a lot better! So all in all I was without my comp for 3.5 hours. But in the temple, and boy do I wish I could give the tours forever! I love the feeling of being in the temple!! :)

There is a really weird feeling of being 20 now. Before when people would say, "I’m 20."  I was like oh you’re old!  But now its like we are the same age, and you have 2 kids.  Its super weird!!

Birthday Bowling

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pues, no me gusta la humedad

So this week has either been chilly, or blazing hot with lots of humidity! I don’t like humidity, I like dry :)

This week has been a lot, A LOT, of tracting, we taught two lessons to 4 lessons to investigators we had previously met, and 23 to new people, so hopefully some of the new people we taught turn out cool, there are a few in there that could have potential. There was one guy we ran into that said he had read the Book of Mormon when he was living in Utah! So he might be cool, if we can get in contact with him again.

Met another cool guy today who actually stopped us while we were riding, cuz he was just curious about Mormons, he has some potential too.

On Tuesday I went on an exchange with the Zone Leaders, and learned a new way to teach quick lessons to people, so we can help them feel the Spirit, I’m still getting the hang of it, but I like it most of the time.

On Sunday we had the chance to sing in a stake program about the temple, it was super cool, and boy do I love the temple! I want to go and see it again! Even though I have been through the temple and all that, I still love to see the temple, and still hope to go inside :)

Love you all!

Elder Porter

Selfie with my fellow Davis High dart graduate of 2014 Elder Eric McLeod

Monday, July 13, 2015

Wow. Esta semana fue excelente!!

This week was SUPER AWESOME!!!

So the biggest highlights of this week are the fact that we had a baptism on Saturday, we baptized the son of a lady named Antonia, who was baptized 3 weeks ago. It was a miracle that he got baptized, because his dad doesn’t really like us, and barely let his wife get baptized. But he allowed it.
Something SUPER AWESOME, is that on our lesson on Thursday, we asked Antonias husband, Ceasar, prayed for the first time with us!!!! Super awesome and spiritual prayer! Slowly his heart is being softened bit by bit.

Then yesterday was one of the greatest days of my mission. We had the opportunity as a mission to bring people to the open house of the Indianapolis Temple 5 days before the open house opens, and even before the VIP's were allowed in. So we took Antonia, Ceasar, Julio, and the little daughter Natalie. It was a huge sacrifice for them to go because it was about a 3 hour drive down to the temple. But I can testify of the holiness of that building. I haven’t ever felt the spirit so strong in my life, than when I was in and around that building. I still get chills when I am thinking about it as I am writing this to you all. The temple, without a doubt, is the house of the Lord here on this earth!!

Something that was cool is at the temple I got to see an investigator that I taught from every area there (except South Bend) So I saw the Molina family from Indianapolis. And I got to see Deseree and Xavier from Seymour! Super awesome feeling to see everyone I had come in contact with there!!!

If you guys get a chance, tomorrow go on LDS newsroom and look at the pictures of the Indianapolis temple, it is AMAZING!


Us with Ceasar, Antonia, Julio, and Natalie at the temple!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Pues, estoy en la tercer rama de elkhart otra vez

So now I am back up north. I am in Goshen, just south of Eelkhart, Indiana. I am with Elder Blood as my comp. He is a new district leader as well. 

Goshen is a super small town, and I really don’t enjoy being transferred because then it means I don’t know anything, and I don’t like that feeling of not knowing anything. 

I really enjoyed yesterday at church cuz I got to see my favorite Elba Hernandez again and the Diaz family! I love them so much!
It is so interesting being here again, but this time being able to understand what is going on!

I don’t have a ton to report because I’m still super new to this area. However we have had some success this past couple days. We taught 31 lessons this week and found some new investigators. Some of them could actually end up being super solid.

Other than that I’m doing good. I hated saying goodbye to all the people in Indy, I love the city and I am sad to leave it. 
Me and a family I was working with.

Me and my comp in matching everything, including jackets (that we bought separately and at different TJ Maxx's)