Monday, June 27, 2016

Deje que brille la luz en su ojo

This week was actually really good, there are people who are progressing more than they were last week :) 

So we were able to have another lesson with Jesica and her mom Hilda with our high priest group leader. It was a really good lesson. But the best part about the whole thing, was that Jesica was happier and her countenance had a lot more light in it. It was a testimony to me of the joy that the spirit brings into our lives and that we should do everything in our power to bring the spirit into our daily actions. 

I also had the opportunity to visit the Prieto family again :) they fed us dinner and we were able to have a lesson about holding to the iron rod :) 

So we also just stopped by Estefani and Jesus halfway through the week, and there was a change in them. They were talking about getting married :) So we were able to have a lesson with them and talk about acting on the answers we receive. They have a really hard time looking towards the future though. They only see that there are people who are doing bad stuff and getting rewards for it, but then when they do good stuff, they get bad stuff that happens to them. So we will be working on having an eternal perspective. But...THEY CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) It was so great! The kids were crazy so I sat on the gym floor and colored with them so their parents could focus on the speakers.

So on Thursday, we were just about to start tracting and we get a call from our district leader saying there is a man that is a friend of a member in his area who is in the hospital in bad shape. So we went over right away. We met this man Simon who had his toe amputated and kidney failure. He also just escaped from an abusive relationship, literally had to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night. But now he has nothing. So we were able to testify of the power of the atonement and that God loves him. He told us that as soon as he heard us in the hall, he felt that we were different. It is so true. We are different. It’s because we have the gift of the Holy Ghost that shines through our eyes. Please never hide that light. 
So he was released from the hospital on Sunday and our WML took him to a house that he is fixing up. The elders in that area put him on date to be baptized. He has been talking to everyone about the church as well :)

On Saturday we were able to go to the temple again with Wendy and Audel :) It was so great to go and watch them do baptisms again :) Now we just have to help them find family names.

Sunday we were able to have some pretty bold lessons with people. I told Griselda and America that they were not putting God first in their lives. They tried to deny it, but It’s true. So we committed them to do everything in their power to put Him first in their lives and look for new jobs so they can go to church on Sunday. 

The Church is so true :) 

Elder Porter

Birthday Party for Elder Thayne

At the Lyons home - the dad calls me Douglas!

Family getting sealed on my birthday!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Encontre lo que debo hacer con mi vida, voy a ser parte de BLUE MAN GROUP!

So this week was pretty cool. To top off the week we got to help with The Color Run, and I turned into an official member of the Blue Man Group! It was pretty sweet! :) 

So this week we were able to have some pretty good lessons with America, and her mom joined us, and we were able to put them on date for the 23 of July! We think her mom might progress more than America will, but its super exciting! Her mom even switched her work schedule to come to an hour of church :) it was great :)

Things with Estefani and Jesus are kind of slowing down, they are having some problems.  So we are going to have them talk to the branch president and get this all worked out. I mean you have lived together for a long time and have 3 kids together, so might as well do it. 

We were able to have a few good days tracting, and found some cool people :) we were able to find hidden areas where there are Hispanics that don’t usually get knocked :) 

There was this huge rain storm this week, and one of our members got flooded, like seriously flooded! like 2 feet of water in the basement. So we got to help with that. which was fun for us :)

Tanner and this other guy named Kyle came out with us yesterday and did splits. Man it was great! I went with Tanner, and man is he bold. Sometimes I think I’m too timid, it was interesting to see how boldness with the spirit really works!

This week was a good week, but nothing super "magical happened." But we were able to do some good work. We are trying to grow our teaching pool, and get all those people who aren’t progressing to progress. 

Volunteering at The Color Run

Maybe I should be part of the BLUE MAN GROUP!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Pensaba que servia en Indiana, pero se siente como Arizona

This week has been HOT!!! Like REALLY HOT! It’s been over 90 degrees for like 4 days and the humidity is awful! I thought I was in the Midwest, but now it feels like I’m in the south! I feel bad for my brother who will go to Louisiana on his mission, every day will be like this! 

So this week has actually been kinda hard. Maybe not hard the whole week, but definitely slow for some reason. It might’ve just been slow because we had lots of meetings to do this week, but those are all over with and so hopefully we can get going this week :) 

This week we were only able to meet with Estefani and Jesus two times :( they canceled the other appointments. But the two lessons we did have were really good, even with crazy kids running all around. We went to their house yesterday morning to get them up for church, and they didn’t come because Jesus left his wallet sitting on a bench at work.  That was a bummer. We were really hoping that they would come. But Satan is really working hard on them. He is putting lots of trials in their paths, we are just hoping that we can help them overcome it. The members we have been taking to the lessons have really been good support.

We were able to have a great lesson about the sacrament with Rosa Hernandez and her nonmember husband, Juan, about the sacrament and coming to church, and we know they felt the spirit and wanted to change. But then they didn’t come to church.

That’s what made the week hard, is we had good lessons that had the spirit in them, and then nobody acted according to the revelation they had received. Man that is frustrating!

Saturday we were able to help a member cut down a tree. It was so hot and humid, that sweating didn’t do anything, so it just dripped off our bodies. It was kinda gross, but it feels good to get out and do some manual labor :) 

Sunday we were able to meet with a part member family that moved into our area. The husband who isn’t a member really wants to get baptized, it’s just the fact that they can’t get married right now, which is a bummer. It’s so weird how many people are out there who want to get baptized, but they can’t! 

The work is true, and if it wasn’t, then it wouldn’t be this hard. :)

Saying goodbye to one of my favorite comps, Elder Baird