Monday, August 24, 2015

Ahorita tenemos un temple en Indiana!!!!!!!!!!!

Super awesome day yesterday, because we were able to watch the dedication of the Indianapolis Indiana Temple!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOO super awesome experience.

On Saturday we got to watch the cultural celebration as well, which was super cool too. I didn’t know that there was actually culture in America we could celebrate ;)

So there was a lot of tracting this week, but we found this super awesome lady from Honduras. I love people from Honduras; they are awesome as well! 

But her story: Her name is Maria and Elder Harris was convinced that we needed to knock this door. So we went over, and we saw her come to the door, and then walk away. So we were like, "oh well" and then as we were walking away she came through the garage, and she told us to sit down. So we did. She used to live in New York and her kids babysitter was a Mormon. So she has had some contact with them before. Had a super awesome resto lesson, and gave her a Book of Mormon. She said she was going to read it. 

On Tuesday we went to Lafayette for a multi zone conference. It was super good. 


Elder Porter
Nice hollow stump we found :)

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