Monday, August 17, 2015

Mi nuevo compañero se llama Elder Harris

So my trainee's name is Elder Harris. He is from a tiny little town called Mountain View Wyoming. What is surprising is he acts a lot like my brother. It’s actually kind of creepy. Like I’m back home sometimes. We are in Elkhart; the apartment isn’t too shabby. 

This week has been kinda slow, getting adjusted and everything. We did have an awesome lesson with our Branch Mission Leader's boss, named Jose. He is going to get baptized. He always tells Juan after we leave to "enjoy this" which is the feelings that the spirit brings. So he is super receptive and awesome!

We had another awesome experience yesterday to be able to confirm a lady in church yesterday. She got baptized last Sunday, so we got to confirm her yesterday. She is a 70 something year old lady, and she is super spunky, and speaks 90mph. I feel bad for Elder Harris because its so fast I only catch like a third of what she says, but he hardly gets anything. 

We met this crazy guy tracting the other day who told us that red bull is cow piss and other stuff mixed together, and that coke was blood and sugar. He was insane!

Other than that there aren’t many updates to report on.

Indianapolis Temple

Me and my new companion
Love You!

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