Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mi nuevo companero es Elder Ryan

So transfers were last week and my new comp is Elder Ryan from Brookings Oregon.  I served around him when I was down in Seymour. He has been out about 7 months, so that makes me senior comp.

This week president wanted us to do 2 hours of tracting every day, so we did. And I was constantly surprised at the people we met. We got a new investigator every day, one day when we only had 15 minutes before we had to leave. 

This week was actually pretty busy, we had some pretty packed days, and with transfers we were a couple days short on days we could work, but Elder Ryan and I pumped out 17 lessons in the 4 days we had. So that was super awesome!

We had a good time with Wendy showing her the restoration video. She said she feels something that she can’t explain when she is doing stuff with the "Mormons." She has also been texting Elder Wolverton back home and he has told me that she is super excited and wants to be a Mormon because she knows it is the right path, even when her family might not approve as of now. Today we are going to put her on a date after we give her a tour of the church. She says she will also come to church this Sunday.

We had a lesson with a part member family, and then they came to church this Sunday, and I texted the wife (member) and asked how her husband liked it, and she said she really liked having him there and he really liked church. So that’s cool. 

So if you remember the Molina family, we stopped by them and they let us in. He said he wanted to share a scripture he had found with us. He read a verse out of the bible where Jesus is talking to the disciples about going out and preaching, and how if a city doesn’t listen, to leave them and dust off their feet. So then he continued to say that we haven’t been going over and teaching them because they haven’t been listening, and they would like to listen now and have us over more. So that is awesome!

God is real, God is great, and he loves all his children and wants them all to be happy. 


Elder Porter

Monday, May 18, 2015

Celso se bautizo!!!!!

So this week was awesome! Mostly because yesterday Celso got baptized and confirmed!! It was so cool to be there! He got baptized by Hno Herrera and Hno Cleto confirmed him. He chose two awesome men to do those ordinances. 

Also I will be staying in this area.

This week was a lot of goodbyes for Elder Wolverton, and I was so happy that I was staying because I wouldn’t have time to go and say goodbye again to everyone. 

We had a good lesson with Wendy this week and she made us some flan, so that was awesome! She said she was going to go to church, but then she didn’t so I don’t know what happened.

We got in contact with Olga again and she said that she told her husband that this is the true church, and she gave him a passage in the Book of Mormon to read, and then he said it was true too, so we need to work hard on them! 

This week was good, but I can’t remember more things to write about ha ha. 

Pic Celso is the younger one, and Hno Herrera is the one with the glasses.


Elder Porter
Uncle Buck

Monday, May 11, 2015

5-11-15 :)

So this week has been pretty good :) 

So Celso passed his baptismal interview yesterday, and will be baptized next Sunday!! Super awesome! He is such a solid guy, yesterday we were talking to him and he was super worried that he wasn’t keeping the 4th commandment (keep the Sabbath day holy) completely because he would have to leave church early to catch his ride to Ohio. We told him that as long as he was doing his best and coming to what he could of church he was ok. It’s so awesome that he has such a firm desire to do what is right!

On exchanges this week Elder Wolverton and Wright taught our investigator Roberto and put him on a date for June 27. He is so excited to be learning about the church and stuff! He is a funny dude :)

We had a lesson with the Molina family on Saturday and pretty much told them that if they wont do what we ask them to do, then it is pointless for us to keep teaching them. We didn’t know how they took that, but then they showed up at church on Sunday so that was nice to know that it worked. 

We had a really good lesson with Wendy and a member from the YSA. Well at first it was kinda awful and off topic, but then the member got it back on track and actually got Wendy to shed a couple tears. So I’m hoping she realizes exactly what she needs to do really soon!

On Saturday we had dinner with Martha Bueno because she wanted to see Wolverton before he left. It was nice to see her and her family again. I included the pic of us with their family. 


Elder Porter

Bunny we ate this week.

Me and my friend Mohammad

Awesome Family

Monday, May 4, 2015

Feliz Cindo de Mayo! Un día antes :)

So this week was actually kind of hard. We were on bikes all week again (hopefully we get our car back today sometime). But that wasn’t what made it hard. What made it hard is the fact that pretty much all of our appointments this week canceled. So we pretty much knocked doors all week long. 

A cool story for ya. We were knocking some doors in the few minutes we had before an appointment last Monday and we knocked into this guy from Nigeria. He seemed really kinda mad and didn’t really want to let us in, but he did and we started talking about the restoration. It didn’t seem like he had much interest. We kinda mentioned Joseph and were going to leave it and just leave him with the pamphlet. But then he got really interested and flipped through the pamphlet and was like, "Who is that.....Joseph guy?" and we explained the story and he was like, "This is interesting, I’mma read this whole pamphlet. And when my brother gets back from Nigeria, he will be interested too."

Celso has been working in Ohio and came back just to go to church this week. He still wants to get baptized really bad and we are still on track for the 16th!!!

Had another really good lesson with Wendy. She is still super solid when we can teach her, sometimes it is just hard to meet with her. But I totally think she will get baptized!

Charles had to go to the hospital this week because he didn’t take one of his medications cuz he couldn’t afford it. So we went and visited him with the other Elders from the English ward. 

Yesterday was fast Sunday (duh ya) but it was just interesting to watch all the members of our branch just like run up there and want to share their testimony, when in white wards its kinda like an awkward pause before anyone will do it. It’s just cool to see people be so willing to share their testimonies.


Me and Elder Segura (English)

Hospital selfie with the English Elders too
Elder Porter