Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Todavia se siente como el verano

So this week has been really hot and humid! It’s been almost hotter than it was during the summer. Just sweating buckets!

So last Monday we went on exchanges. I went with Elder Blood’s trainee Elder Ebeling. We had an ok night, but then I got a flat tire.

Tuesday on exchanges was good. We taught this Mennonite preacher. The lesson was soooooo spiritual! Loved it! Then later that day we went to dinner, and when we came out, my tire was flat.

So when on Wednesday we went to the bike shop and had them fix it. And then half an hour later, it popped again. So we walked a lot that day, and didn’t really get anything done, which sucked. But then we took the bike back in, and it was a bad tube. SO they fixed it up again for free, and now it hasn’t given me problems. But all the flat tires I have had in my mission have been when I have been serving in this branch. It’s weird.

But on Tuesday we had the opportunity to go to translate for a less active at his work. That was an interesting experience, because it wasn’t like I was the intermediary, but more like I had a conversation going in Spanish, and then one in English at the same time. It was strange! 

But this week was really kind of slow, we had a really hard time teaching lessons. 

On Thursday we had one of the coolest lessons I have ever taught with Jose (Juan’s Boss) we were teaching about the plan of salvation after death, and we only got to explain the spirit world to him. We ended up talking about the story that President Monson shared about the man who had everything in this world, but when he got to the other side, he had just a little shack. So we ended up talking about the things we can do to put money in our "account with god" like scriptures, and church, and prayer, and most of all, baptism. So then we just left after that and he told Juan a little bit later, "Tus misioneros me han dejado mucho que pensar" which means, "your missionaries have left me a lot to think about". Juan said that he has changed a lot since that lesson, in how he relates to his family, and his work goals and stuff. So he is really changing, which is super cool!

On Saturday we got to go to the first ever Spanish session of the endowment in the Indianapolis Temple! It was funny to see English people wearing the headphones ;) But it was a momentous occasion! And super spiritual! I love the Indiana temple!

So after p-day yesterday, we went tracting because we have nothing else to do, and we knocked this door that we thought was Hispanic, but she turned out to be from Hawaii, but grew up in Guam. I asked how she was and she said not good cuz they were fighting. SO then it was super awkward after that comment. But then she came out on the porch because she feels like she needs God back in her life. We had a super spiritual, super quick lesson and she pretty much bawled the whole time, and like told us everything that has happened in her life that has been hard. So the spirit was just......awesome. Then we told her we would send the missionaries from the English congregation, and left her with a prayer. Then she asked what church we were from (we forgot to mention that part) and then she said that our church was the church that she used to go to when she was in Guam. So I was able to testify to her that God still loves her, and us knocking on her door was a sign that he wants her to come and be a part of our church.

So this week was slow for the most part, but there were some huge spiritual highs intermittently through the week. 

Love you all!

Elder Porter

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