Monday, April 25, 2016

Estoy tan feliz de que mi hermano va a hablar el idioma celestial :)

Sometimes during the week I think, "Wow this week is hard." But then I look back on it every Monday when I am writing, and I think, "Wow there was a lot of good that happened this week." The Lord really does work miracles.

We have had some really good lessons with Rosa this week. She is so desirous to be baptized! She teaches herself pretty much. We just go in and ask her, "So what did you read?" and she pulls out this tattered marked up pamphlet. Its great! It’s really cool too because she is becoming really good friends with a less active we found, Sara. So it’s really good for both of them :)

We had a really cool miracle this week with service. There is a part member family, and the husband Mark has not really been interested in the gospel. But on Thursday we spend a good part of the day with him spreading mulch. We really were able to connect with him and understand him. He is one of the most humble, and Christlike men I have met. Then he went to church on Sunday! And he loved it! :) so progress :) 

So on Sunday this guy shows up at YSA, and when sacrament is over for YSA he approaches us and says that he served his mission in Panama two years ago and that he is here in Indianapolis selling pest control for the summer. He also said he set a goal to spend the whole day Sunday with the missionaries. So we took him up on that right then and there. His name is Tanner. He then spent the next 6 hours with us, tracting, teaching, and even going to our dinner appointments. He even put Audel (Wendy’s husband) on date! :) He will be baptized with Rosa the 14th of May! It was a super awesome experience to spend the whole day with a member who knew how to be a good member missionary :) 

And to top it off, my brother got his mission call!!!!!!!!!! All I was praying for was for him to go Spanish speaking. And God does answer prayers! So he is going to be serving in the Baton Rouge Louisiana mission Spanish speaking!!!!!!!! :) He leaves August 9th :) 


Elder Porter

Monday, April 18, 2016

Espere un year para presenciarlo

This week has been awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved it!!!! 

So all day Tuesday was interviews, and so we got to spend time with half the zone! I love missionaries! But then Wendy had her baptismal interview and she passed! And while she was in the interview I talked to her soon to be husband Audel and asked him when he was going to be baptized.  He said, "After Wendy," and I asked why, "Because I want to do what is right and I feel that this is the right church after what you have taught me."  It was awesome!!!!!

We had another great lesson with Patricia and she is progressing slowly but surely :) 

So Rosa, the lady who miraculously came to church last Sunday is on a baptismal date for May 14th!!!!!!!!!! It was one of the coolest lessons I’ve had, we were just able to use parables and stories from the scriptures to help her understand that its never too late to change and that God is looking out for her. She is so excited and says she wants to go on a mission as well!

And Saturday. A Miraculous day! I was able to baptize Johnzee Akoi, the Liberian from the YSA. It was such a sweet experience. Then a couple hours later I was able to baptize Wendy. I found her a year ago with Elder Wolverton, and I was able to return and baptize her almost exactly one year later! The wedding was so sweet because her Mom and Step dad (who don’t like us very much) came and watched the wedding, and then came back an hour later to watch her be baptized!!!! It was a super spiritual day!

On Sunday I was asked to confirm Johnzee Akoi as well! I felt very honored to be able to take such a part of his conversion! Wendy was confirmed by Elder Blood and it was great! I love being a part of someone’s salvation!

This work is real and so awesome! 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Mas lluvia? Me canso de tener tanta lluvia. Pero esta bien si recibo milagros :)

So it has rained so much this week! I can’t believe it! The pond behind our apartment has risen up like 2 feet.

This week was good, all weeks are good, so that’s good :) 

But Tuesday I had the opportunity to go with Elder Derbidge in Greencastle on exchanges. It was fun, but really different from what I’m used to, lots of people willing to talk, but not a  lot willing to listen to a message. But we had a good day. Then after we had a miracle with Patricia Meza, we were able to teach her with the Molina’s and talk about how this is what she needs in her life and what will ultimately bless her the most. 

We had an awesome miracle this week. So we were tracting in the rain, which is no fun, and we hadn’t had any success. Then we knock on a door and this plump little Hispanic man opens the door goes, "Are you Mormons?" and we go "yes" then he says "COME RIGHT IN!" It was kinda strange. So come to find out his son is living in another city with a member family, and he has been taught and wants to be baptized; just doesn’t have the support of his parents. The dad Francisco said he’d seen the sons BOM, so I asked if he wanted to know the background of the BOM. So we go into the restoration and he didn’t like it. It was kinda contentious and wasn’t good. SO then elder blood pulls out the Plan of Salvation pamphlet and starts talking about the atonement. He asked Francisco to read a part from the pamphlet, and as he was doing so, he started to cry. The spirit filled the room and it was so incredible!

After zone meeting on Friday we were trying to be more friendly and open to the people we come in contact with. We had some cool experiences where people who off the bat tell us, "I’m not interested," ended up talking to us for like 10 to 15 minutes. So being personable helps a lot!

And the best part is, WENDY IS GONNA GET BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so excited. A year after I found her the first time with Elder Wolverton, I am here when she is getting baptized! 

We also had a miracle yesterday morning. We sent out a scripture with an invitation to come to church to a lot of contacts in our phone. And an investigator that Elder Blood and Schoeneman had found and lost contact with, texted us and said she wanted a ride to church. She came to the YSA and it was great! She said she had been in a dark place and when she saw our text, she knew she had to go to church. 

Then in the YSA there is a man named Johnzee from Liberia who is getting baptized on Saturday as well. He asked me to baptize him! I have no idea why he asked me, because he can never remember my name. But when someone asks him who is going to baptize him, he looks around, and if he sees me he goes, "Are you the one that is going to baptize me?" Its super funny. But he is such a solid convert. 

The Church is true, and the work is being hastened! 

Natalie - Branch President's daughter
Rosa came to church

Zone Leader conference