Monday, March 30, 2015

Voy a tener una pinata a cada fiesta que tengo por el resto de mi vida!!!!!

This week was pretty good, not as good as last week, but we had some pretty cool miracles this week. 

So on Tuesday we didn’t have anything till that night, so we were going around stopping by people and knocking doors and no one answered. It was super depressing. Then we are going to a different house a little ways away so we hop in the car and drive over. We park in front of this house and there is a man that comes out of the shed looking kind of ornery, so Elder Wolverton asked him if it was ok that we parked here. Then he asked us if we were LDS and we said yes. He goes I have been waiting for you guys, come in I need your help. So turns out he was in the church till he was 15 and then he did some stuff that he shouldn’t have done and went inactive. His father used to be a bishop an all that. So then he ended up in prison for 18 years for drug abuse. He got out and got married in California. Then he moved to Indiana to get away from all bad influences. He then found out a couple years ago that his liver was failing from alcohol abuse. He was on the transplant list but he always passed the transplant by when it was his so someone else could have the liver. But now his liver is in the last stages of failure. He has been clean from alcohol for about 5 years, but he still has smoking problems. He also has a super big hernia in his stomach that he showed us that was super gross!!! But he told us that last week he prayed to God that he would send the missionaries to him again so he could get back on the correct path. He said that he was so excited when we pulled up in front of his house! So we gave him another Book of Mormon and read some scriptures with him. Super cool guy. Oh btw his name is Charles. 

We also had another lesson with Martha Bueno (yes her last name is good) at a Taco Bell. She is still super solid! But sadly she got a job that she had to work this Sunday so she couldn’t go to church. But her husband is coming back from Mexico so that’s exciting!

We went on exchanges this Friday and I went with my district leader Elder Groseclose. Super awesome day! We had non stop lessons from 2:00 on. We taught nine lessons that day which was super cool!!

On Saturday we had a party with the branch for Easter and I decided that I’m going to have like 6 piñatas at every party I have from now on! It was so much fun! We had 4 piñatas and it was just a blast! Hispanics really know how to make parties great! A member told me that American parties are boring and in Spanish they are more called a "convivio" which means like a get together. When she first came to the US and someone said we are going to have a party she was super excited, but then super disappointed when it was just everyone sitting down ha ha. 

Yesterday we had another lesson with Celso. He is still having job problems and got a temporary job in Ohio roofing some huge house so he wasn’t able to come to church. But when we were teaching him he told us a little bit of how he came to the US. So he was coming from Mexico to Houston Texas in a van with a whole bunch of people and they were in the middle of nowhere when the police pulled them over. The driver told them all to run and only him and two other people got away. Now they were stuck in the middle of the desert without any supplies. So Celso prayed to God to help him through this and that if he did he would be his servant for the rest of his life. Now he knows that meeting the missionaries was the first step in the fulfillment of his promise. Super awesome! I just hope, no I pray, that he can find a job that he doesn’t have to work on Sundays. I would ask all of you to pray for him that he can find a job that will allow him to come to church. Also something else cool is that he hasn’t drunk coffee for 6 days now!
SO if you guys would just please pray for him that would be FABULOUS!!

Love you all!

Elder Porter

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