Monday, March 16, 2015

Esta semana fue la mejor que he tenido!

This week has been completely awesome!! Just for starters we had 6 investigators at church yesterday! 

So funny and traumatizing story. There was this door we knocked on and the man (Jose) let us right in. He was super happy to see us.  We walked in and there wasn’t very much furniture. Just a lawn chair and a tiny T.V., with some magazine cutouts of celebrities like Katie Perry and Marylyn Monroe. Right when I saw these I thought, "this guy is a porn addict," don’t’ know why I thought that but I did.  He then told us he admired Jehovah’s Witnesses. Then he told us to ask him any question about Mormons and he could give us the best answer. He started talking about the Mormon bible and then Elder Wolverton asked him to give us the real name of it. He couldn’t remember!!! Then he said he tricked us. Then he went off about just a bunch of random stuff. Then I happened to glance to the left into the "dining room" but there wasn’t like a table or anything for dining. But right on the wall was a big picture of a naked lady. MIND BLOWN!! So the whole time we are talking to this guy I’m not glancing over to the left. Then he proceeds to tell us that he was Catholic until he was 13 then he got baptized 7th day Adventist, but that he knew one day one of his descendants would be baptized for him into our church and he would be saved. So we were like, "ummmmm" then we started talking about the commandments and keeping them and stuff. Then Elder Wolverton asked about not committing adultery. Then he pointed right at the poster and said what about that!? Jose said ,"Oh that’s my cousin." And then Elder Wolverton (who could see into the bathroom, I couldn’t) said "and the one in the bathroom is your cousin too?" the man then went off about how the Sistine chapel has naked people all over the walls and the pope looks at them every day. I was like, "You aren’t even Catholic anymore!!!!" Then I brought up Adam and Eve and how when they ate the fruit they saw that they were naked and had to cover themselves up. His response, "We have a Judeo-Christian tradition of women having to be clothed." Needless to say it went downhill and we pretty much just told him he didn’t understand anything and walked right out. Told other missionaries and they had run into him too. WACKOOO! 

Went on exchanges with elder Wright this week. Had some fun watching 5+ fire trucks fight a fire in an apartment! Super cool but no one got hurt :) Talked to some people and ate tamales :) 

So on Saturday we had a lesson with this lady named Estela and she wasn’t there when we went, so we called her and she said she was at her friend’s house who was having some sudden health problems. We asked if she needed a blessing and turns out the friend was a less active member named Rosa. So we went over and she said she had been praying for help but never thought of us, and then we called Estela. So that was cool. She said that she wants to come back to the church and this might be a sign that she needs to, Estela said, "Um ya it is" so that was cool!

Yesterday after church we had a super good lesson with a referral named Patricia and David. Brought a member and had a super cool restoration lesson :)

Overall a super good week! :)


Elder Porter

Exchange with Elder Wright this week

I'm telling ya, bunnies are the way!

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