Monday, March 23, 2015

No quiero estar en casa por mas que tres horas!!

This week was good again. Had pretty good success too. 

On Monday we went really weird and decided to teach lessons on P-day. We taught straight from 4:30 to the end of the day. But it was super cool cuz they were super good lessons. We taught Celso again, he is so close to baptism. We kinda have a sad blessing in disguise, his job went weird and so he doesn’t have one anymore, but now he is able to come to church every week! We walked with him to church yesterday again, tried to teach him a little bit of English ha ha. But then we also had a lesson with Martha Bueno. Super good. She has a really good fellow-shipper in one of the English wards that helps her along a lot.

So on Thursday my comp was sick. Most AWFUL day ever!! First and last time I want to stay in all day! I went a little crazy! Luckily I barely caught whatever sickness he had so that was good. Thank goodness for essential oils to keep you healthy.

On Friday we went to a wedding of 2 of our new investigators (no not a wedding for baptism, it was planned before we met them). It was just a super informal thingy in their dining room. Really makes me appreciate the "castles" that we get to be married in, and that we can be married for time and all eternity!

Sunday we had 6 investigators at church again: Celso, Martha, and the Molina Family. Super cool when in gospel principles Martha leans over to me and says, "Me siento bien contenta aqui." Which means I feel really happy or good here. Super awesome!!!! 

Other than that it was a really good week again :) Love having success and solid investigators!


Elder Porter

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