Monday, March 9, 2015

Tuvimos un investigador a la iglesia este Domingo :)

So this week has been good. We have a super solid investigator named Celso. We stopped by him a couple times last week, and we said if he doesn’t answer this time we are dropping him. Then he answered the door, but where we usually met was flooded with water and it was super cold so he was like we can’t meet. But then he asked us if we could just sit in our car and talk about the stuff the other Elders had left him. He had read the entire Plan of Salvation pamphlet! He knows he needs to come to church and be baptized, but his work doesn’t let him have Sundays off, nor does he have a set schedule, so we couldn’t set a meeting for him. But then he called us the next day to come over and teach him. During the lesson his phone kept making some funny noises, but it wasn’t really a distraction so I wasn’t worried. But at the end of the lesson he told us that he had his wife in Honduras on the phone the whole time listening in! Then we taught him again the next day and he said he was coming to church if he could get a ride; but he didn’t have any church clothes and needed a ride to the store to go buy some. We couldn’t find him a ride, but there were some slacks in the back of our car that someone had left that fit him, and I gave him a white shirt. He came to church and during Sunday school he answered almost all of the questions perfectly, and a girl looked over at me and said "WOW" he is so awesome!

We also tracted into this couple, (English speaking) and we were able to teach them a little bit. They were so ready to listen to us. Their names are Demitris and Linda. Linda is actually Hispanic, but he is super black. They were super excited to have us over. They said that it was a sign from God that we knocked on their door. I love this area already! 

Other than that we just stopped by a lot of formers this week. 

Yesterday we had a conference called, "Why I Believe," and it was super cool to hear new converts bear their testimonies. 

Elder Porter

Mom’s corner:
I asked him about his new companion and his new area – this is all I got.  Another companion from Utah – but not Utah County this time.  Not very reassuring on his area being safe; but he is in the Lord’s hands, and I’m confident that he is safe J

Elder Wolverton is from St George. Indy is a lot bigger than Salt Lake. Ummm safe.........sure :) I haven’t seen anything sketchy in any of my areas, but they are supposedly dangerous haha. The apartment isn’t bad; I liked the one in Seymour better though.

Angie, Sis Howard, Elder Limb, Me, Sis Hathcock
(I asked about his three fingers and he said, "It's West Ma:)"  Three fingers make a "W"

I think we would be more successful if we all had baby bunnies in our pockets :)

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