Monday, March 2, 2015

Estoy en la cuidad de Indianapolis.

So got transferred to the city of Indianapolis. I am now in the White River 2 Branch. I am now with Elder Wolverton. He was my first district leader when I was up in South Bend. He has got 3 more months left in his mission. I am excited to learn from his experience. 

It was really sad to leave people down in Seymour. I hate goodbyes with a passion! I love making new friends and meeting new people, but I hate saying goodbye to them. Carlos and Elizabeth were the hardest to say goodbye to. 

A blessing that we have received for this transfer is that we have a full time car! So I went from walking everywhere to having a car! Whoot whoot!

We have been going by a lot of former investigators. Geez there are a ton! There are 3 binders just full of their teaching records. But a really cool experience that we had was we went to stop by a former and a lady answered the door. She said "Mormons?!" and I was like, "Oh boy here we go," but she came out and she proceeded to tell us that she used to meet with the missionaries but she couldn’t stop smoking. But that now she wanted to meet with us again, and to have her boyfriend from Costa Rica listen in too because they are on a search for religion. So that is super cool Her name is Alexandria btw.

There is also this kid named Kevin. He is nine and his mom is a less active member, and her sister is super active. We are teaching Kevin and he is super excited to be baptized this month. We taught the plan of salvation and he just understood it perfectly. We also had a good talk with his mom (Maria) and she is a super nice lady, and just needs a little push to come back to church.

Yesterday we stopped and talked to this super cool black guy named Dwain. He was in prison for drugs and stuff. But then he turned his life around and has three kids now and is trying to work with people in the inner city to better their lives and not fall into the trap that he did. I got a pic with him. He also has super cool dreds/braids that I wish I could have!

Other than that, and that we got like 6 inches of snow yesterday, everything is going good.


Elder Porter
Saying Goodbye to Carlos & Elizabeth

This is the Super Cool black guy!

Note to self:  Dish soap does not work in the dishwasher - bahaha

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