Monday, February 23, 2015

Estoy Moviéndome otra vez.

So originally I was not going to be transferred out of Seymour. But then I got a call late last night from one of the assistants saying that president had changed his mind, and that I was now going to be leaving Seymour. I am really sad about that. 1. Because I love the people down here 2. It’s the farthest south in the mission, and therefore the warmest. 3. I love Elder Baird and still want to be his companion.  But como sea, I will go where the Lord wants me to go.

Speaking of weather this week has been really cold! Funny line of the week: Saturday it was just dumping snow, and Elder Baird and I were just looking out the window and thinking, "We don’t want to go out there." But then I said, "Come on, our wives will be hotter if we go out there." and he goes, "Every hard thing on a mission makes my wife hotter. I think I can do with a one-day-less hot wife and still be ok." I just busted up laughing! It was great! We went out and just pretty much helped people get their cars unstuck. I was surprised how many trucks don’t have four-wheel drive.

So I learned something really cool this week while teaching Carlos and Elizabeth. We were talking about where we come from and how we get to the earth. And then I started thinking about the role and power that women have in our eternal progression. We cannot start our journey on the path to live with our Father in Heaven without women. Without their sacrifice we would be stuck as spirits, without the opportunity to come to this earth. What a great power and responsibility that women hold, to give someone else the chance to come to this earth and progress. I never realized before the power that women have, and now I am forever in the debt of my mother, and countless others in the past. Gained a lot of respect for you women out there!

So we taught Gisela, Xavier, Deseree, and Andres again. We taught the restoration. Super good lesson! Everyone said that it made sense and that if they came to know that it was true, they would be baptized! Super exciting!

We also have been teaching Carlos and Elizabeth a lot this week. We talked a lot about our potential as sons and daughters of Heavenly Father. They are learning a lot I think. They also got a washer and dryer that someone on the branch donated to them. So that is a huge blessing!!

Hope everyone’s week goes great!!


Elder Porter

Do you want to build a snowman?

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