Monday, October 27, 2014

Estoy intentando pensar en español

Kind of a slow week. But I have learned a lot about faith and acting on it.

We got a new district leader this week and I was asking him about Spanish cuz his Spanish is really good. And he told me that I need to stop thinking in English and think in Spanish. That is so hard to do! But I am trying. So no more translating in my head what people say, just listening to them and trusting on the spirit to let me know the general message they are trying to tell me. It’s really scary actually because I care so much about these people and I want to help them, and yet I don’t feel like I can communicate with them at all.

Something I thought I would share. Whenever our door gets knocked on, I get scared. Yep #weliveintheghetto

Saturday was a very interesting day. We had a lesson planned for the new investigator we had named Juan. When we met Juan we couldn’t tell if he was black, white, or Hispanic, or a boy or a girl, or how old he was, and that maybe he was gay. But then we figured he was a boy because his name is Juan. But anyways we texted him to make sure it was still on. And he said that he had to go into work. Then he asked if he could ask a personal question. I said go for it. Then he asked what the Mormon stance was on homosexuality. We told him to go to and then explained that the desire wasn’t wrong but acting on it was. Then he said ok thanks and that was it. We asked if there was a time that we could come and talk to him more. He said that he didn’t want to waste our time because he didn’t agree on the view of homosexuality.

Interesting thing I thought of yesterday during church. We were in gospel principles and were talking about the temple. I then thought that we only really get to do each saving ordinance for ourselves once. But then we go to the temple all the time to become better people and closer to Heavenly Father. But when we go to the temple we are doing it for other people. So the only way we can be closer to our Father in Heaven and grow spiritually is if we serve others. Just like Christ said in Matthew 25:40, “Inasmuch as ye have done this unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

Also I figured out why so many missionaries gain weight on their missions. It’s because they eat fast food so much! I have never eaten out so much before and it drives me nuts! Why waste money that we could use for more food on something that makes you fat. 

We had our primary program this week. There were a whole 12 kids in the primary. But they did a very good job. And Hispanic children are super cute!

We made food this week and we didn’t have a cheese grater. So spatulas actually work ok as cheese graters ;)


Elder Porter

Spatulas work as cheese graters!

First dog I pet here in Indiana- his name is Smoky.
Make sure to read the next post - it's His talk he gave in Sacrament last week!
He did a great job!

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