Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Been an ok week.

Been an ok week. Numbers wise it sucks. We didn’t actually teach a single lesson this week. All the lessons we planned fell through. So it was a bummer of a week. 

One thing that is hard for me to get used to is Latino hospitality. They are so nice and will do anything for you. And I’m used to harsh American who don’t really mean it half the time.

Watched “Meet the Mormons” this week. It’s really good! Everyone go see it! The churches goal is to have enough people see it so it gets on Netflix

One weird thing is that if you are homeless, it means you go hang out in the library. Maybe they will become scholars ;)

Cool experience is when we were able to go over to a member’s house and give her a blessing because her life is hard. And I don’t know how she does it. Heavenly Father messed up our schedule that day so we would be able to go help her. He really does work in mysterious ways. 

I was also able to give my companion a blessing and it was a very interesting experience because I tried to be led completely by the spirit. As I was giving the blessing I had the weirdest thing that I don’t think has ever happened to me. My mind was completely blank. That has never happened to me. But yet words still popped into my mind for me to say them right before I finished the word I had said before. It was way cool!

Had a special training this week and General Conference. We were able to watch it live in the church, just two hours behind. Definitely a spiritually uplifted week. Some things that I noticed were talked about a lot in conference was:
1. The importance of the sacrament
2. The need to be unified in the church and families
3. The plan of salvation
4. Making correct decisions
5. Sustaining church leaders and listening to them
6. Not being distracted from the strait and narrow path. 

Conference is wonderful as a missionary and so spiritually uplifting! I have never had it like that before.

Love you all!
Elder Porter

And more stuff he wrote to mom:
Thank you so much for the winter stuff! The warm spell broke again this week and it was cold! I like that jacket a lot! Thanks! I was really excited to get more granola bars, and even vitamins! I love the trail mix and the jam! I am trying to be healthy, but it is hard when you don’t have a lot of money. Why is healthier more expensive? I was wondering if you could give me some tips on cooking fast and easy; because we only have an hour to cook and eat. So it makes it hard to do that, especially if you have to brown meat or something. Any tips on being more effective? And healthy on a tight budget?

You have ruined bread, store bought bread doesn’t fill me up anymore, and its full of crap! 

The surprises were awesome! And for some reason, one General Conference you got licorice and we ate it, so now every General Conference since then I have wanted licorice, and I had some this time! It was awesome!  We watched it at the church, and yes we watched it live but it was two hours off, so it started at noon.

I love my mission president! He is awesome and so cool! I am getting to know the elders and sisters around me; General Conference helped to get to know them. They all seem pretty cool.

I want you guys to study the role of members in missionary work. And in detail. And then report back to me. Because members really don’t know what their role is. Thanks
Elder Porter

Not many pictures this week – he said “lo siento!”
Squirrels here are huge! In elkhart they have ones that are pitch black called skwiggers!

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