Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Muy bien semana esta semana!!

This week has been awesome!! After Wednesday we were on fire! We taught 11 lessons this week and we found 6 new investigators! This is up a ton from the 4 lessons and 0 new investigators we had last week. I love it!! 

On Monday it was one of our members less active sons birthday.  We went there to give him a little cake to say happy birthday. When we were there he pointed right at me and said, "I will go to addiction recovery at the church if you go with me, because I like you. We are friends." He has a hard life, he is disabled because he muscular dystrophy. This and other things have made his life difficult so he has turned to drinking and smoking to escape. But he wants to change and I was so excited when he told me this! 

The same day we stopped by Mary’s again because we haven’t been able to teach her because of her husbands work schedule. We talked for a little on the front porch for a while. We were talking and she said that she has been explaining the stuff she has learned, from reading the stuff we give her, to her husband, Juan. We asked if he was interested at all because he doesn’t seem like he is to us. She said that he actually is and likes to hear the stuff she tells him about what we teach, unlike the stuff she tries to share about the stuff at her church (she is a Jehovah’s Witness).  It is super cool that she told us this because we were thinking of giving her to the English elders, but he is more interested because he knows we understand Spanish. Super cool!

On Tuesday we went tracting. The first door that opened was a lady named Cythia from Mexico. She had talked to the missionaries before and remembered the things they had taught. So Elder Thurston asked if she was baptized and she said yes. She moved here and couldn’t find the church for a while and then it was too far away when she did find it. So we found an inactive member! Gonna try to hook her up with our member Elba to get to church. And we are going to try and teach her husband. Super cool!

Same day, Tuesday we were still tracting and knocked this door. The guy’s name who answered is Juan. We were talking and he said he had Mormon friends and stuff and we set a return appt. Then we were talking and he said that he doesn’t know if we remember but we talked to him in Target. Story behind that is like 2 weeks since I had been in Indiana Elder Thurston had to exchange something at Target that his sister sent. While he was in the dressing room I saw a man and his son sitting by the dressing rooms. Started talking to them in my broken Spanish and they said that they knew that missionaries were cool and if we were ever by their house to let them know and they would talk to us. Totally forgot his address and everything, but then we tracted into him again! Taught him a lesson on Saturday and it was a super solid lesson! Then he gave us a ride home too because we have to share the car now and it was like an hour and a half walk away. Super sick!!

Wednesday we went on exchanges and my district leader came to my area with me. We taught 7 lessons in one day! Blew our record out of the water for lessons in one week, in one day!! Found two new investigators too!

Halloween was very lame here. Had to be in by six. And I didn’t even see one trick-or-treater! But on Friday we taught a former investigator and he seems super solid too! AND IT SNOWED!! Here comes a super nasty winter everyone says.

Saturday we went tracting before the lesson with Juan, and we found two new awesome people!! One of them is named Elizabeth and we couldn’t teach her but she seems super solid! But her next-door neighbor named Maragrito is super solid! He let us in and we taught the restoration up to Joseph Smith. He said what we say makes sense and he believes it, unlike the stuff his JW neighbor tries to tell him that doesn’t make any sense. SUPER SOLID!!! 

I don’t like daylight savings. We can’t go tracting if it is dark outside, so if we don’t have any lessons we have to go home. LAME! Oh well whatever.

Love you all!

Elder Porter

Selfie with a snake

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