Monday, October 13, 2014

Esta semana fue muy bien para mi:) (This week has been great for me :))

This week has actually been really good for me! I have learned a lot about having faith in God and if I do, he will help me a ton!

One thing that I am wishing I did in school before coming out here attention in English class. I never thought learning about direct and indirect objects would ever be useful in my life. But when you are learning another language, it kind of helps.

And I thought it would be hard to learn an Asian language because the way you say a word changes the meaning, well Spanish is the same too. Take the word for ingles, if you put the emphasis on the "e" it means English but if you put it on the "i" it means groins. Not a fun word to mess up!

Another thing I realized, why Latinos usually have really messy and crappy houses. It’s because they are in America! And no matter how crappy it seems to us, it is usually a lot better than what they had in their home countries, which is also sad to think about.

A sad fact, subway in Indiana doesn’t do points, so I brought my subway card for nothing :(

The beginning of this week was hard for me. I was just frustrated in myself for not learning as fast as I would like. It is actually the first and only time I have cried on my mission. I don’t want to do it again because crying is awful. But I think it was on Wednesday I was eating lunch and I sat down and said a prayer on the food and then I just said that I needed help. Then after lunch I laid down on the couch and it turned into a really good conversation with God. I got the feeling that everything would be ok, and the rest of the week has been awesome! 

On Wednesday we had an awesome lesson with Mary, and we brought a member named Elba who is from Puerto Rico. She is a super solid member but has some cool experiences, but that wouldn’t be the best to share to a new investigator. So we were super worried about having her come, but we did anyways. We went into the lesson and started teaching the first half of the Plan of Salvation. Elba was so in tune with the spirit that it was like having another missionary there! Mary prayed and knows the Book of Mormon is true and says she will be baptized. But then she wanted to go to her Jehovah’s Witness church on Sunday. I don’t know why because I was like "you just said the Book of Mormon is true, so your church obviously isn’t right" but go figure. She will come around. 

Friday was zone meeting, and I realized that I need to stop being afraid to speak in Spanish because that doesn’t allow God to help me, because I am not exercising my faith and allowing him to work through me. So it was exchanges after that meeting. I was with my District leader Elder Wolverton (who incidentally I met his dad in 4th grade because he came to my class and signed a book that I have) and I just opened my mouth and trusted in God. I understood more that day than I have ever before. It was awesome! It made me realize that I need the spirit always to do this work, so I have been trying to do every little thing to have the spirit and not do any little thing that would drive it away, because I am wholly reliant on Him. 

While on exchanges there was a cool experience with this guy who kind of wanted to Bible bash with us, but he was just confused about what we believe and didn’t say anything really that contradicted what we believe. But at the end we asked if we could leave him with a prayer and he said he wanted to say it. He is this little short man with a red beard and scraggly hair. He reaches up and puts his hands on our shoulders, and begins to pray. I thought he was going to ask God to like kill us or something, but it was really cool because he asked God to bless us and help us in our studies and in our daily work. It was actually a really powerful prayer and I could feel the spirit really strong!

Another thing we went to contact this guy who Elder Wolverton had contacted previously, and we go and knock and a young guy answers and says that the guy we are looking for isn’t there. We start walking back to our bikes and he comes back out of the house and says that he is actually a member and was baptized in Honduras and then could find the church here. So we gave him the address and stuff, but sadly he wasn’t there on Sunday. But it was still a cool experience.

On Saturday there was an emergency preparedness fair and a blood drive. I was going to donate blood. I sat in the chair and they stick me with the needle and stuff. It felt normal for a second because I always feel a little weird at first. But them my vision started going silvery, and my hearing was like I was on an airplane, and I was freezing/burning at the same time! I said a quick prayer and then called for help. They tilted me back, had me cough, which was weird, and put a fan on me and I felt a lot better. After I was done I went back with the other missionaries there and they all said that when they had me cough they thought I was going straight to the celestial kingdom. They said I looked way bad in the chair, and I was super pale when I went to the bathroom after. But I’m still alive. :)

Super good week and I hope this next week is awesome too!

Love you all!

Elder Porter

His mom bought us matching ties!

Outside Notre Dame Stadium

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