Monday, December 21, 2015


So transfers were fun this week! We got to go to transfer meeting and see all the missionaries. Love missionaries! 

But it was super awesome because President Cleveland sent someone who was Spanish to be English on our side of the city, going to an English ward. But this was an answer to prayer because we needed someone who could help Agustin go to English and teach him the lessons in Spanish. So now they are officially passed over to the English elders and are miraculously going to be baptized this Saturday! So that is super exciting! 

So this week we have been cold here! But not much snow, actually not any at all! Just really cold wind and humidity that freezes your bones. But now it is warming up again.

We have had a really hard time finding Hispanics, so we have had a lot of English lessons this week. But there were some cool miracles where some nice English people let us in when we were really cold and ended up being pretty solid. So we passed their info on.

Wednesday we met this lady while we were trying to find her husband. She told us that she met with missionaries in Honduras and that she had gone to church before. So we are hoping to progress her and her husband!

So on Saturday we met this lady who was kinda crazy. This is probably one of the weirdest things anyone has ever told me about Jesus. Basically she said something like this, "Jesus didn’t have a lot of women (wives) because his privates were different than the rest of the human population, that’s why the bible said he was celebate" And she said that Jesus came down so that he could see what it was like to be human and then go tell God what it was like so he didn’t have to flood the earth again. Ya she was crazy.

But we had a super fun branch activity and we got some less actives to go! Super cool! I love branch activities and hanging out with all the members!

Sunday we had a cool sacrament meeting, and the missionaries had to sing "Mary Did You Know" and I think it went pretty well. But then we had lunch with Catalina, and I ate some of the weirdest things: Clam (looked like little aliens), octopus (good if you get all the slime off of it), shrimp with their eyes still on them, and some fish that I didn’t like. So ya we can add that to the list of things I have eaten! 

We also had a really good lesson with this guy named Yabin and his girlfriend Emma, they seem to be super prepared and awesome!

And I got a new camera! So here is a picture!
PIC: The branch made a pinata to look like an Elder, they ripped it apart in like 2 seconds. Then they almost came after us! Just kidding.

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