Monday, December 7, 2015

Estoy agradecido que no se veo como la navidad :)

Haha so we had some snow this week, but thankfully it is now gone! Makes life happier for me :)

So this week has been pretty good, and spiritual. We have had some awesome lessons.

We had a lesson with Sarah and Agustin, but we mainly focused on Sarah and her smoking problem. We started off reading some scriptures about how Christ can help us. Then under the influence of the spirit we made some cool promises to her. We told her that if she really would put her faith in the Savior, she would not smoke another cigarette. That was Wednesday, and she told us yesterday that she hasn’t smoked yet! WAHOO!!

We were also able to get in contact with this guy that Elder Shepherd met last transfer. His name is Yabin and he seems so cool! We have an appointment with him this Thursday. He seems to have such an open heart. 

Friday I went on exchanges with Elder Weese, the guy who I flew into Mexico with. We had a good time. The miracle we saw was there was this French family they had found, and there happens to be a missionary from France close by their area. So we set up a time with the missionary and this family to come by. They also brought a French speaking member. But when we got there the daughter answered and said that her mom had forgot. But she was speaking to Elder Weese in English. So I told the French missionary to go speak to her in French. So he did and she warmed up a little, but still said her mom wasn’t available. But then after the door had closed we were talking on the sidewalk and the mom peaked her head out. He then spoke to her in French and she let us right in. We left because we don’t speak French, but they told us that she accepted baptism. So that was cool!

Saturday was a day of service. We helped this family rip out carpet, and put a new wood floor down. It was so much fun! But I am way sore! 

Then on Sunday we had an awesome lesson with Catalina, a recent convert, and her son Jesus and his girlfriend Norma . We have been trying to get Jesus and Norma interested. So we started off with the video that the church has just put out. It totally brought the spirit and Norma started telling us how she hasn’t’ prayed in many, many years and how she feels like there is so much stuck inside her. We were able to testify that the Savior is there and he wants to help her. Then Catalina like jumped in and just told Norma that she needs to come to church with her and just do all the stuff. It was super awesome and the spirit was so strong!!

Love you all!!

Elder Porter

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