Monday, November 23, 2015

El invierno ha llegado

So this week the winter finally hit. We got snow on Saturday, and it stuck! So it’s time for us to look more like the Michelin tire man than missionaries in white shirts and ties!

But this week has been good. Tuesday we had a zone conference and we learned how to more smoothly present the restoration on a first contact. It has been going really well using that.
After zone conference we went out finding and just seemed to have tons of success. The Lord works in mysterious ways, giving us the hard week before zone conference so then we could be spiritually prepared to receive all the things we needed to during the training.

We had some really good lessons with members this week.

But the coolest part of the week was on Saturday when I got to go to the baptism of Roberto (the one I taught when I was in Indy before) and of his friend. But even cooler was that Hermano Molina (who I taught for 3 transfers) did the baptism of Roberto’s friend! It was a super cool experience!

Things doing good. I don’t really like the cold weather, but come what may and love it :)

Elder Porter

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