Monday, November 2, 2015

Ya me voy de aqui en Elkhart

So got transfer calls, I’m going to be leaving Elkhart, and Elder Harris will be staying. I have no idea where I’m going, but there aren’t too many options for me open, so I’m thinking maybe Indy again. 

Tuesday we had a Spanish specialized training at the mission home. It was super cool and spiritually uplifting! We had an Emeritus seventy Skype in from Utah to give us some training :) He was a super spiritual guy. Then Juan trained, and so did his dad President Alarcon. 

This week hasn’t had something super amazing, everyone is still kind of putting along. We have tried really hard to get people to progress, but they still have their own agency, which makes it hard! 

Saturday with Halloween we had some lessons set, and then we went to Goshen and spent some time with Antonia and her family, then we went to the church and watched Cokeville Miracle with a member. 

Karina came to church with her son Alejandro. We were super happy that they were there. But then she had to leave suddenly after second hour. She texted me yesterday night saying sorry for rushing out, but her daughter called her in severe stomach pain. She took her to the doctor, and she went in for an emergency appendectomy. So that’s kind of scary, but everything worked out ok and her daughter is recovering nicely.

The worst part about being transferred is the fact of saying goodbye to all the friends that i have made up here, especially because I have spent most of my mission up here in the Elkhart Branch. I feel very at home up here. I for sure want to come back and visit them. 
Eating again!

One of his favorite families!

Specialized Spanish training

Juan with Elder's Porter and Harris who are being transferred

Investigator and her son

Choba with her "I'm a Mormon" shirt


Awesome family

Specialized Spanish training

Car ride after Specialized training

Specialized Spanish training

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