Monday, September 21, 2015

Segundo translado con mijo

So today starts the first day of the second transfer with Elder H. For the next six weeks (unless absolutely necessary) I will only be speaking to him in Spanish. Wish us luck! Its gonna be hard for both of us, but super fun too! 

We had a pretty good week last week. Taught 28 lessons in total.

Tuesday we had a really good meeting in Indy with president and the assistants. I felt really pumped up, but I felt like Elder H didn’t like it as much because he had to go up in front of everyone and role play contacting someone (President Cleveland) he was the only one who had to do it 3 times, so it kinda hurt his pride, and made him super self conscious. I felt sad for him. Pobrecito.

But the training was really good, and pumped me up to do the work. But that means we lost a day of work. So we were kind of behind on our numbers. On Saturday we were 5 lessons behind where we needed to be. So we had lunch with Choba, and then went to a baptism of a child of one of the Members of the branch. (I had to give a talk) and then we just went out to hit the doors for the next couple hours. It was miraculous. Literally every door we knocked on was a lesson. And the majority of them were new investigators. We taught 10 lessons in like 3 hours. Super awesome!

Had another lesson with Jose, he is so solid but at the same time he is not. He has a huge commitment level, but its just getting him to commit is the problem. We are trying really hard to work with him to get him to come to church. Cuz as soon as he does, he won’t have a problem, but its hard getting him there.

Last pday we went and saw some sights at Notre Dame in South Bend. Felt super awkward being Mormon Missionaries on a catholic campus. 

Display case at Notre Dame.  Super awesome school!

Me on the court at Notre Dame

Doors to the Basilica

South Bend-Notre Dame

Dinner with Juan

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