Monday, September 14, 2015

Yo siente differente

This week has gone by actually pretty quick. We had a LOT of tracting this week. 

We were really behind on the number of lessons we wanted this week, but then on Saturday we just hit the doors and we taught like 8 lessons that day. It was super cool! We found a lady that might be super solid. But hard to tell on a first lesson. Maybe you will hear more about her next week.

We had a good lesson with Choba, she just came back from Arkansas to help her son move here. We had a good lesson about why we have hard times, because there are some problems in her family.

We had a good lesson with a less active named Luis. We were just teaching the Plan of Salvation, but the Spirit was so strong! 

Then we had a good lesson with a nonmember husband of a member. We just helped him know what his true desires were, and how he could know if the church was true through the Book of Mormon. 

We had a cool lesson yesterday with this girl. Her little sister was talking really loudly across the street, trying to figure out what we were. So we went over to talk to her. And her older sister walked out. She is a non babtized Jehovas Witness. We had a really good resto lesson and hopefully she progresses. She will be passed on to the English elders.

Sadly this week we had to drop Maria. She just wasn’t as solid as we thought. We were super sad. But she will progress one day, just not this day.

We had zone meeting on Friday, and it really changed me. I don’t know what is different about me, but I feel different. I feel like I now have more to give, when before I thought I was giving it all. I really have like this urgent feeling that we need to help this branch out. I want to really work on the less actives, because they are already "candidates for salvation" and it is important to help them come back to activity. It’s kind of weird.

Love you all!

Elder Porter

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