Monday, September 28, 2015

Otra vez ya se fue!

I cant believe it is the end of September. I remember a year ago it felt like September took forever to go by! Weird how it seems to go faster and faster.

This week was a good week. But not like an amazing week. We had lots of lessons, but its hard to be excited about a ton of lessons when none of the people are really progressing. I'm kinda in a weird position, happy that we can teach, but sad that we cant get anyone to progress.

I cant believe it is already General Conference again! I really feel like we just had it! So excited to listen to the inspired words of our leaders. 

What is really weird is how many Jehova Witnesses we seem to run into up here. I think we have taught like at least 1 a week. And even more interesting is the fact that they arent baptized because they dont agree with everything the JW teach. So they are being prepared to recieve the restored and true gospel. 

Saturday was a good day, we drove like 10 miles out of town to tract this trailer park. We found a cousin of the wife of our branch president, which could end up being a cool investigator. But what really made the day cool was we got a suprise call from the Diaz family from my old area in South Bend, inviting us to eat with them. I loved being in their home again and being able to converse with them. And then since we were already in South Bend I wanted to go stop by Mary, my old investigator. So we went and said hi to her. I loved seeing her. She hasnt been baptized yet, but I tried to remind her of the feelings that she felt so that she would have her desire rekindled. 

Elder Porter
The trailer park we tracked

We visited South Bend

Member from Mexico who visited

Dinner with a member

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