Monday, October 5, 2015

?Como les gusto la conferencia?

This week was really good. We had to work really hard Monday through Friday because Saturday and Sunday were going to be dedicated to conference. But we did hit our goal of 20 lessons :) 

We had another good lesson with the lady named Jesica. She could have lots of potential, just getting her to fulfill with commitments is a little difficult. We read when Jesus came to the Americas with her and she seemed to really enjoy it.

Met a cool lady named Mayra on Tuesday, who could have some potential. Hopefully she progresses. 

We have been teaching English classes for the last transfer or so and I really enjoy teaching English to Hispanics, its super funny to see sometimes what comes out of their mouths as they try to speak English. And even funner is trying to phonetically spell English words in Spanish, because English isn’t a phonetic language!

On Friday we had a lesson with L, and she had read the whole pamphlet and had questions about the Book of Mormon, which is what we had planned on teaching, so it was an awesome lesson. She is going to have a baby this week, so we wont be able to meet with her, but hopefully it will work out :)

Then after we taught L, we went tracting a little, and found a super prepared lady named Laura. She could have tons of potential! I am starting to believe Elder Harris when he says that people the JW have taught, but not baptized are just waiting to be taught by us!

Zone trip to Lake Michigan

Me and Elder Blood

Zone trip to Lake Michigan

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