Monday, April 27, 2015

Esta semana fue una poca lenta, por cause de la bicis

So good new is that our car is in the shop since Tuesday, the bad news is that we are on bikes all day every day. So the time we used to spend knocking doors or just talking to people is now spent riding bikes to the places we need to go. 

There is an upside to riding bikes, I feel like such a better missionary because I am actually dead tired when we get home because I biked everywhere. I was feeling a little bit lazy before just cuz we had the car to go everywhere we needed. 

This week we had a good lesson with the man Luis who came to church last Sunday. He is super open and willing to learn, but the sad thing is he is going to be going back to Honduras this week for a extended period of time and doesnt know when he will be back, so hopefully we can get him in contact with the missionaries down there. 

Celso came to church again this Sunday! He has still been working in Ohio but  comes back on the weekends to come back to church :) I really think he is going to be baptized on the date we set with him. 

We did a lot of service this week. We helped one of our memebers dig holes so they could put in a pond and then clean up sticks in their yard, and then we had a HUGE bonfire with the sticks. Like 20 feet tall. It was so hot!!
We also have been helping this man named Uncle Buck because he is disabled and can't do a whole lot. Then he feeds us really good food :)

We went tracting on Friday for litterally like 5 hours. It was super long! But we ran into a cool guy named Danny and another lady named Laura, hopefully we can meet with them again and get them progressing. 

Yesterday we had a brodcast from Salt Lake for church and Elder Anderson and Hales spoke to us. Super good conference. The line that i liked the most was:
             "Sharing the Gospel means being more open about who we really are."
I like that a  lot because it shows that the gospel is soemthing that is supposed to be integral in all of us, not something that we say we are but then dont actually internalize it. 

Elder Porter

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Pic had a pinata making party on Saturday. One member said my pinata looked like the thing that Miley Cyrus swings on. I think it looks like a grape.

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