Monday, May 4, 2015

Feliz Cindo de Mayo! Un día antes :)

So this week was actually kind of hard. We were on bikes all week again (hopefully we get our car back today sometime). But that wasn’t what made it hard. What made it hard is the fact that pretty much all of our appointments this week canceled. So we pretty much knocked doors all week long. 

A cool story for ya. We were knocking some doors in the few minutes we had before an appointment last Monday and we knocked into this guy from Nigeria. He seemed really kinda mad and didn’t really want to let us in, but he did and we started talking about the restoration. It didn’t seem like he had much interest. We kinda mentioned Joseph and were going to leave it and just leave him with the pamphlet. But then he got really interested and flipped through the pamphlet and was like, "Who is that.....Joseph guy?" and we explained the story and he was like, "This is interesting, I’mma read this whole pamphlet. And when my brother gets back from Nigeria, he will be interested too."

Celso has been working in Ohio and came back just to go to church this week. He still wants to get baptized really bad and we are still on track for the 16th!!!

Had another really good lesson with Wendy. She is still super solid when we can teach her, sometimes it is just hard to meet with her. But I totally think she will get baptized!

Charles had to go to the hospital this week because he didn’t take one of his medications cuz he couldn’t afford it. So we went and visited him with the other Elders from the English ward. 

Yesterday was fast Sunday (duh ya) but it was just interesting to watch all the members of our branch just like run up there and want to share their testimony, when in white wards its kinda like an awkward pause before anyone will do it. It’s just cool to see people be so willing to share their testimonies.


Me and Elder Segura (English)

Hospital selfie with the English Elders too
Elder Porter

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