Monday, April 13, 2015

No tengo nada que quiero decir en español. jaja

So this week was good, I guess. Not bad but not like GREAT. But still good. 

Some exciting news, we got in a car crash! But no one was hurt thankfully. Ok here’s what happened I was pulling out of a parking lot and there was this big stalker van behind me and they honked, so I got rushed and glanced to the left and to the right and didn’t see anyone so I pulled out. But there was a grey car that must’ve blended in with the road and I pulled out in front of her. It’s a good thing I floored it or she would have hit me right in the drivers side door, but luckily she hit the back door instead. So that’s fun. And then one of the missionaries in our zone decided to roll down the window, and then it won’t roll back up. So now we look awesome with a bag taped on our window :) 

So we got a really pretty solid investigator, well we met her a couple weeks ago, but now she is solid this week. Her name is Wendy and she has awesome questions. We taught her the restoration and when we asked her what she thinks it would mean if what Joseph Smith saw was real, she said "well pretty much everything I have been taught my whole life is wrong" bahaha! 

We were able to teach Celso again this week. He had to move into a different house because he didn’t have a job and got kicked out of the old one. The house is owned by one of our members. But he still doesn’t have a job so he is just working odd jobs all the time and can’t come to church and it is hard for him to meet with us. He was supposed to be baptized on Saturday, but that didn’t happen. But he still has really good desires to be baptized and everything, just got to get him to come to church! 

So we put a lady on a baptismal date this week for May 16 (the Saturday before E. Wolverton leaves). Her name is Estela. We have been kinda teaching her, but it has been sporadic. She actually came to church this Sunday too!

So there is this less-active family that we have been stopping by and two weeks ago they said they would come to church, and they came to church yesterday! Super cool!

So this picture is of me, and a member named Melanie. We were eating at their house and the mom told me I talked a lot, so I put tape on my mouth and took a selfie :)

Love you all

Elder Porter
The car

They told me I talk too much!

Me with the Smithhearts

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