Friday, April 24, 2015

Que paso con la primevera?

This week has been actually pretty good!! 

So we were tracting at the beginning of the week and nothing was happening. We were like, "No one answers this early in the day" and then the next door we knocked was this guy named Luis who is actually super solid! He let us right in and we had a really good talk about Joseph Smith. Then he came to church on Sunday and asked the Elders Quorum President, "So I’m already a member of your church, but how do I become 'a Mormon'?" Ha ha super awesome!!

We are also teaching Wendy. She has been thinking really hard about what it would mean for her if she switched from the Catholic church. We haven’t even set a baptismal date or really talked about it, but she has been seriously contemplating it. I think she will be baptized! 

So we were looking though some of the formers we had an there was a lady named Olga who was really interested a couple years ago. We set up an appointment with her and she is still super interested, the only thing is her husband doesn’t want to get married, and sometimes she doesn’t either cuz he’s a big drinker. But at the end she said the closing prayer and said, "Father please help me to be baptized, cuz you know that is my desire." WOW awesome!!! 

So Celso turned up at church this week! Super awesome! Then we met later that day and he set his own baptism date for the 16 of May!! He wanted to do it before Elder Wolverton leaves! Super awesome!!!!!

So this week was pretty good :)

Elder Porter
I found and caught my first crawdad!!!!! :)

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