Monday, December 1, 2014

Me pongo triste porque estoy saliendo esta area

Super sad. They are closing my area. I was actually a little mad when I found out. We found out on Tuesday because the zone leaders told us. So this week has been a bunch of goodbyes and such.

We haven’t gone finding because it is pointless to find new investigators because the nearest Spanish missionaries are 15 miles, 30 minute drive or longer, away. That for you guys in Utah is like the nearest missionaries are in the area between Bountiful and Salt Lake, depending on how fast you drive. That is one of the reasons that I was mad because I know that the people here will most likely not have contact with the missionaries that they can understand. There are English missionaries, but most people don’t understand enough English to be effectively taught.

We did visit Mary yesterday to say goodbye. She told us that she has received an answer and she has decided to be BAPTIZED!!! She is going to Mexico for 3 weeks in December, so she is going to be baptized the beginning of January. I am so excited that she has decided to be baptized!! The picture is of me and Mary (she is happy, Hispanics don’t smile)

So when we told Juan that we would be leaving, he pretty much dropped us anyways, and told us that he felt like he was good where he was right now. I was super sad when he said that!!

For thanksgiving we spent the whole day with the Diaz family. They took us to lunch at Ihop and then we helped them make dinner and had dinner with a few of the members of their family. They are such great people, and I am going to miss them! And our other member Elba too.

On Saturday I got to go to the Chicago temple with Diana and Xavier, two members of our branch who are getting married this month. Got to do initiatories in Spanish, which was cool, and then got to go though a session with them. It was a super long drive to Chicago! Had to wake up at 4 in the morning to get there in time. But I’m glad I did :)

Don’t know where I’m being transferred to, but my district leader thinks I might go to Goshen, a city that is in our same branch right, so I would be ok with that :)


Elder Porter

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