Monday, December 8, 2014

Estoy en el sur de Indiana, en la cuidad de Seymour, con Elder Wright

I have been transferred as south as I can go as a Spanish-speaking missionary. I went from the most northern, to the most southern area.

We are in Seymour Indiana, It is in the Columbus 3rd branch. The branch here is mostly white people who are called to the branch because they went on a speaking mission. There aren’t many Hispanics in the branch, which is sad.

We have a recent convert who just got baptized last Saturday. His name is Carlos and he is super cool and nice.  Before the missionaries taught him he knew nothing about Christ, God, or religion, other than the fact that he believed God existed. Now he reads for an hour each day when he can out of the Bible and the Book of Mormon. He is married to Elizabeth, who is white and speaks no Spanish. She was baptized in October. They have a 6 month old.

This area has been closed for a couple years now. It opened up 2 transfers ago, but then last transfer it was hard because there was a trio of missionaries that was covering two areas. So basically everything went downhill. We are pretty much starting from scratch opening up the area. We are doing a lot of map work and paperwork, which I’m sick of being inside, but I know that it is good to do because everything needs to be recorded and easy to use for when another set of missionaries come in.

I am with Elder Wright. He has been out 2 transfers more than me. I am really excited to be with him. He is from Springville, Utah.

Not much to report this week but the ball will get rolling here :)


Elder Porter

My beautiful nativity :)

Companion wanted to take a picture of me and my "drogas"
(Don't worry -- they are really just herbs!!)

Me and my new Companion, Elder Wright

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