Monday, November 24, 2014

WHOOO Mary tiene un fecha de bautismal!!!

This week has been really good! We started doing those little lessons on the porch with Mary, and she now has a baptismal date for January 2. She is such a solid member and we have had some super spiritual and awesome lessons with her! She is the reason that I want to stay in South Bend, because I want to watch her progress even more! She told us this week that she is torn between JW and us because she likes both of them. She has been a JW for 5 years and hasn’t been baptized. We asked her why she hasn’t, and she said its because she feels like there is something more. So.... I decided to be super bold and tell her that this is the "more" that she is looking for. We showed her how the Bible and the Book of Mormon work together and she got super excited! She is one of those golden investigators who believes everything right when you tell her.

So our member Elba's son moved into her house because he has some things he needs to work out, and he has a Burmese python that is less than 2 years old and is already 9 feet long and almost 100 pounds. And I got to hold it!! So sick!!!
While we were at Elba's, a close family friend came over named Benny (his English name) and we have talked with him before. He talks super fast and with a super thick Puerto Rican accent (Puerto Ricans are super hard to understand) but he told me that my Spanish has improved since last time he saw us, which was nice to hear :)

We also ran into this white man named Mark. We helped him move some things out of his basement, then he asked us about our beliefs. He is a weird dude who is only interested in religion because he thinks people are dumb for believing it, so he pretty much likes to study peoples stupidity. We were able to help correct some of the false doctrine that he had, so even though he wasn’t interested in the slightest, we were still able to do good.

Had a lesson with Jose and Maria, and it wasn’t super good. They don’t have a ton of interest, and we were afraid that they were going to drop us during the lesson. So hopefully we can turn things around with them, but they are pretty strong Catholics.

We were able to teach Juan twice this week, and he still hasn’t prayed, so super disappointing. But we took our super awesome members the Diaz's yesterday, and boy I love members. I said one sentence, and Elder Thurston shared a scripture, other than that Hno. Diaz taught the whole lesson. I feel like it was what Juan needed, to hear from people who have had similar life experiences as him. So I don’t think he will be baptized in December, but I think he will get there eventually.

Not a ton happened this week, but what did happen was awesome!! 


Elder Porter
playing with my food . . . oh well

Me and the Burmese Python

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