Monday, December 22, 2014

Esta semana fue maravilloso!

This week has been really, really cool! We taught 17 lesson this week, 13 of them being people we contacted. And we have a few return appointments that they are willing to let us in and teach them.

We also had Christmas conference this week with the whole mission. It was super cool. We got to see Santa and have a mission talent show; which was actually pretty funny. It is crazy the spirit that is there when there are a whole bunch of missionaries gathered together, a reunion of the army of God.

We were able to meet with Bertin, a man from Guatemala that was the only investigator in the area when we got here. He works so much that we can’t really teach him, and he has got some doubts about Joseph smith and the Book of Mormon, but if we could only teach him we could resolve these concerns. I keep praying that we will be able to meet with him.

Other than being able to teach a lot of the people we tracted into, we had one of the coolest experiences me or Elder Wright have had on our missions. It happened on Saturday. We were walking down a street in a trailer park and there was a Hispanic, named Louis, talking on the phone on the other side. I said hi and he said hi back. Then he said, "church people?" we responded yes. Then he talked on the phone about how he wants to go to church and change his life. We told him after he got off the phone that we could do that for him. He used to drink a lot and do drugs. We asked if we could meet with him later that day and he said yes but he didn’t want to do it in his trailer because his friends in there drank and stuff. So we told him about our recent convert Carlos who lives around the corner. He wanted to go talk to him. We worked it out so we could teach him later that day at Carlos' house. Carlos was super excited to have an opportunity to teach with us. The lesson went really well and Carlos told Louis that he would take him to church the next day. Yesterday Louis was at church with Carlos and his wife and son. Then after church we had a lesson with him and Carlos again. He doesn’t know much about Christ or anything, but he has the two same questions as Joseph, "why are there so many churches" and "why does everyone interpret the bible differently" It has been a really cool 2 days. He wants to learn so badly that when he doesn’t understand something fully he says "poco a poco" which means "little by little"

Doesn’t sound like we did a lot this week, but there was a lot of work that we accomplished by tracting. Trailer parks are just chalk full of Hispanics! So that’s where we are going to be concentrating our efforts.

Elder Porter

Pic: Us and the Sisters at an English members house helping them decorate the tree after dinner. Super fun. Guy at the bottom is a super funny and interesting guy who has lots of crazy stories.

Pres Cleveland on Santa's lap!

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