Monday, December 29, 2014

Primera Navidad en el campo misional

This week was very good. First Christmas away from home. It was very different but really good at the same time.

Christmas Eve we were with members all day. Had a lunch thingy with Carlos and Elizabeth. Then went over to the English members (The Kerby’s) and helped them clean and made cookies. Then we went to another English members house (The Christians’) and had a very yummy dinner. Then ran up to Columbus and hung out at our members house (The Mijango’s) and played games all night. It was a really fun day! Then Christmas we opened presents, Skyped our families, and had a wonderful meal at the Kerby’s (duck).

We have had a couple lessons this week but with Christmas and all, the schedule got all messed up.

We had a really good lesson with Louis though. We are still teaching him the restoration and we were going through it and then he turns to me and Elder Wright and asked, "Why are you guys in the church, how did you start?" and we talked about how our parents were members and stuff. But then I realized that he meant why is this the church you chose to join. So in Spanish that definitely wasn’t my own, I was able to explain how we can pray about the message, about Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon and receive an answer that it is the fullness of the gospel, and that is exactly what Joseph did, he prayed and got an answer from God about what to do. He was soaking it all in and said "I’m going to pray tonight" Super cool! We have an appointment today to meet with him again and hopefully he has prayed. He also has a friend who he wants us to go over and teach, which has never happened to me before.

Our less actives here are refusing to meet with us. We see them come and look through the peephole, and then walk away. It’s really kind of frustrating. But we will keep trying.

Not too much else exciting other than Christmas and Louis. But it was a good week still :)

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and have a Happy New Year!


Elder Porter
Our outfit for the game we played with the members because the game box didn't have enough headbands

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