Monday, April 4, 2016

Me encanta escuchar de los profetas vivientes

Wow, conference was great wasn’t it!!!!!!! I loved all of the great talks!

This week was a fun week :) 
So we were able to have a great member present with Beatriz again, and this time her friends sat in as well, and they were actually interested which was the coolest part! :)

This week I went on an exchange in Brownsburg, first exchange ever in an English area! Wow that was weird! But it was fun and I had a great time with Elder Remington, he’s a great missionary! We taught a part member family, and the husband-to-be is preparing to be baptized. As I listened to his story, I realized the blessings of making correct choices in life. Even though we can correct our course and get back on the path, it’s so much better to just stay on it, then you don’t have the consequences that follow you the rest of your life. 

For some reason this week, tracting was really hard. It seemed like the more we wanted to tract, the more things that had to be done at the moment came up. And when we did get the time to tract, all people wanted to do was talk about anything but the gospel. It was a humbling week in that aspect.

Friday we were able to meet with a recent convert and talk about what General Conference is. I love watching recent converts who are really converted to the gospel. They are just like sponges and want to learn more and more.

And then General Conference to top things off. Wow that was an amazing conference. I just can’t pick one favorite part because they all mesh into one big spiritual glob in my head! But we were able to watch it on Saturday at the house of our branch president and his family.

And on Sunday’s session, we had Wendy and Audel come and watch both sessions, and then another investigator we have named Patricia came to the last session!

I am so happy to see that president Monson spoke, and that he is doing well in his role as a prophet. The church is true and Tomas S. Monson is the prophet :) 

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