Monday, April 25, 2016

Estoy tan feliz de que mi hermano va a hablar el idioma celestial :)

Sometimes during the week I think, "Wow this week is hard." But then I look back on it every Monday when I am writing, and I think, "Wow there was a lot of good that happened this week." The Lord really does work miracles.

We have had some really good lessons with Rosa this week. She is so desirous to be baptized! She teaches herself pretty much. We just go in and ask her, "So what did you read?" and she pulls out this tattered marked up pamphlet. Its great! It’s really cool too because she is becoming really good friends with a less active we found, Sara. So it’s really good for both of them :)

We had a really cool miracle this week with service. There is a part member family, and the husband Mark has not really been interested in the gospel. But on Thursday we spend a good part of the day with him spreading mulch. We really were able to connect with him and understand him. He is one of the most humble, and Christlike men I have met. Then he went to church on Sunday! And he loved it! :) so progress :) 

So on Sunday this guy shows up at YSA, and when sacrament is over for YSA he approaches us and says that he served his mission in Panama two years ago and that he is here in Indianapolis selling pest control for the summer. He also said he set a goal to spend the whole day Sunday with the missionaries. So we took him up on that right then and there. His name is Tanner. He then spent the next 6 hours with us, tracting, teaching, and even going to our dinner appointments. He even put Audel (Wendy’s husband) on date! :) He will be baptized with Rosa the 14th of May! It was a super awesome experience to spend the whole day with a member who knew how to be a good member missionary :) 

And to top it off, my brother got his mission call!!!!!!!!!! All I was praying for was for him to go Spanish speaking. And God does answer prayers! So he is going to be serving in the Baton Rouge Louisiana mission Spanish speaking!!!!!!!! :) He leaves August 9th :) 


Elder Porter

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