Monday, March 21, 2016

Por que no podria quedar el calor?!

Super sad that it turned cold again this week. I was so looking forward to March when it would be warm! Oh well I guess I’ll just have to man it out. 

This week was really good. 

We had this lesson planned with this lady named Beatrice, and we wanted a member to come, but when we stopped by his house to ask him, he wasn’t home, but another member and his return missionary son were there. The son, Diego, came and it was such an awesome member present. He testified of the truthfulness of the church and the BOM and it was just powerful. Members are so crucial to this work, it’s insane!

We also had a good lesson with Wendy, and now we are officially teaching her boyfriend, and they are set to get married the 10 of April and baptized the 16. Audel (the bf) went and bought a white shirt this week to come to church, and I gave him a tie. So now he looks spiffy :) 

We had a great service opportunity at a tire shop. We were able to talk to a lot of people there and explain to them what missionaries do and even try to talk about the gospel, but not many wanted it, oh well we tried.

I went back to my old area on exchanges with Elder Cruz, and it was super cool because for almost a whole day, I only spoke Spanish! But we got to visit the members and investigators there, and even Jesica, Francisco, Jesse, and Destany :) they are doing awesome and he got the priesthood last week :)

Love you all :) 
Sitting in a waiting room.  Super bored and can't sleep.

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