Monday, March 14, 2016

Me gusta estar en mi antigua area otra vez :)

This week has been really good. I love being with Elder Blood again and I love being in Westlake again! 

Tuesday was an awesome day, we got to meet with Wendy and Yesenia again and they are still so ready for the gospel! This time they are both actually going to get baptized :) 

We also met with some less actives that I had visited, and they had changed a lot too and were a lot more receptive to the gospel and spiritual things :)

The best part was being able to eat with the Molina’s again, after every member of their family has now been baptized :)

We had a lesson that started out not being very good with Juan, he is the husband of a returning less active. We just couldn't seem to connect with him to make it relevant. But we brought a member with us, Hno Castellon, and half way through the lesson they just connected and it went so much better! Members are what progress investigators to baptism, not missionaries!

We were tracking and we were about to go up to a house, and this guy walked out kind of hostile, but then we got to know him a little bit and he let us in. We had a really good lesson with him and his wife, and he had tons of questions that we weren't able to answer because we had to go to an appointment. So then we went back on Saturday with Hermano Molina, and the son was there this time as well. The son was kind of telling his dad, "This is what you were telling me the other day you were looking for." and "The Jews were closed minded and didn't believe in Christ, and now you are being close minded and not believing in Joseph Smith." It was like "BOOYAH" because the kid was totally telling his dad to stop being so closed minded and listen. I think they will get baptized, it’s just going to take time ;)

We were tracting another time (we tracted a lot this week) and we met this cool guy named Ricardo from Honduras, he said that in Honduras the missionaries used to visit him. So we had an awesome resto lesson and we are hoping to progress him :)

Sunday was a fun day because lots of people came to church! And lots of larc (less active, recent converts) and some people from my old area :) 

All (except one) of the Spanish missionaries in the mission :)

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