Monday, July 13, 2015

Wow. Esta semana fue excelente!!

This week was SUPER AWESOME!!!

So the biggest highlights of this week are the fact that we had a baptism on Saturday, we baptized the son of a lady named Antonia, who was baptized 3 weeks ago. It was a miracle that he got baptized, because his dad doesn’t really like us, and barely let his wife get baptized. But he allowed it.
Something SUPER AWESOME, is that on our lesson on Thursday, we asked Antonias husband, Ceasar, prayed for the first time with us!!!! Super awesome and spiritual prayer! Slowly his heart is being softened bit by bit.

Then yesterday was one of the greatest days of my mission. We had the opportunity as a mission to bring people to the open house of the Indianapolis Temple 5 days before the open house opens, and even before the VIP's were allowed in. So we took Antonia, Ceasar, Julio, and the little daughter Natalie. It was a huge sacrifice for them to go because it was about a 3 hour drive down to the temple. But I can testify of the holiness of that building. I haven’t ever felt the spirit so strong in my life, than when I was in and around that building. I still get chills when I am thinking about it as I am writing this to you all. The temple, without a doubt, is the house of the Lord here on this earth!!

Something that was cool is at the temple I got to see an investigator that I taught from every area there (except South Bend) So I saw the Molina family from Indianapolis. And I got to see Deseree and Xavier from Seymour! Super awesome feeling to see everyone I had come in contact with there!!!

If you guys get a chance, tomorrow go on LDS newsroom and look at the pictures of the Indianapolis temple, it is AMAZING!


Us with Ceasar, Antonia, Julio, and Natalie at the temple!

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