Monday, June 29, 2015

Pues ya nos vamos de esta area.

So Elder Ryan and I are both are being transferred. Super sad because there are some really cool things happening in this area. And now we never know where we are going. 

So Wendy might be getting married. We aren’t sure exactly. But she was looking at wedding rings with her boyfriend. So that’s cool! 
But sad news about her sister, Yesenia. She really wants to be baptized and her mom is ok with it, but her dad isn’t ok with it. He said a resounding "no" But she said that she would wait till she was 18 to be baptized. Hopefully her dad changes his mind though.

So Roberto kinda fell of the face of the earth the end of this week. He didn’t come to church or answer his phone nor was he there for his appointment. So pray that he shows up again.

We taught a lesson to this lady Ana yesterday. She is a cool lady we found who wasn’t super super interested, but would let us talk to her. But yesterday we started teaching her the plan of salvation. And she was super excited with it. And I love when instead of us asking investigators when we can come back, they ask when we are coming back. Shows they really enjoy what we are sharing. 

So I had to give a talk in church yesterday. And I took the leap of faith and just wrote down a list of points that I could use to talk about. I was super nervous because everytime I’ve given a talk before I had the whole thing scripted out. But as I was talking I was super surprised to feel the podium move under me. I looked down at my watch and I had been talking for 15 minutes. It literally only felt like 5. People told me yesterday that my Spanish has improved a ton since I came into the area. So that makes me super happy. 

I hate leaving areas, but its super interesting to see who is sad about you leaving, and its interesting to see the ones that you didn’t think liked you that much be really sad when you say you’re leaving. 

Pic. Me and the Molina family. He surprised me yesterday when he said that he was sad I was leaving because he wanted me to baptize him. So I told him I would come back to do it if he still wanted. 

Love you all

Elder Porter

Angie - we took the picture because we matched.  Ha ha!

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