Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

Well this week has been pretty good. 

So last week Wendy came to church with her sister, and her sister liked it so much that she now wants to take the lessons. So we are going to start teaching her as well. They both came to church again yesterday. 

So yesterday we had stake conference, and the stake president said something interesting. He said we can bear our testimonies to God. This hit me hard for some reason because we are always supposed to share our testimonies, and that is how we grow them, but what if that day or week we didn’t have the opportunity to do so? Then we just talk to God about what we know and what we might need some help on :)

So yesterday we learned how to make tamales with Olga, and then we taught her the plan of salvation. I love teaching and eating at the same time! And tamales are so good!

Molinas came to church again this week, they seem to have turned around and are actually keeping all the commitments we give them and everything. 

So on Saturday we got to help with the color run. It was super awesome!! And the cool part was the fact that color run is from Utah, so all the workers there were from Utah, and since we were missionaries helping we got some perks :) 

So we have been doing mission finding every tues, thurs, and sat from 2 to 4 and it has been awesome for me because every time we go out we seem not to talk to anyone, but then when there is like 20 minutes left, we find someone who seems to be super solid! 

Love you all

Elder Porter

Helping out a member who wasn't feeling well.

Volunteering at the Color Run - fun!

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