Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Yo vi a los liricenas por la primera vez

So this week had one of the coolest things ever in it, I saw fireflies for the first time!!!!!!!! They are everything I ever imagined! Except they don't light up when they are in a jar. Oh well it is so beautiful when you are on your bike going home and see all of them lighting up in the grass!!

This week has been kinda slow and tiring, the car had to go back into the shop for further repairs from the accident, so we have been on bikes since Wednesday, and so we are tired. 

So I am getting nerdyer and nerdyer every comp, this week Elder Ryan got me to start playing dungeons and dragons with him in our spare time. So I'm now officially a NERD.

So this week we set a baptismal date with the Molina's for August  first. They are super excited for it! And there was a baptism of a girl in the branch this week and they came and liked it too. And they came to church too! 

We taught Celso again this week, he came home from Ohio a little bit early. But he told us that he might have found a job in Indiana, so pray that it works out!!

We have been teaching Wendy and Yesenia more, and they are still pretty solid, except for they didnt come to church. Keep praying for them that the family stuff works out. 

Saturday we went tracting and met the coolest black lady. We were teaching her the restoration, and she had the coolest reaction to it, "I can feel the Jesus coming in right now, keep it comin!" haha it was awesome! 

Got to teach Roberto again, he is still as solid as ever. 

A selfie for ya, 

Also a Spanish  word of the day "agringarse" to act like a gringo haha.

Elder Porter

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