Monday, February 2, 2015

Tengo 6 meses en mi misión! 18 mas :)

This week was a good week, kind of slow, but good.

On Wednesday we had a Zone Conference where we talked a lot about setting goals and achieving what we know we can achieve. It was a really good Zone Conference. We also talked a lot about doing family history work, and using it as a proselyting tool. I’m really excited for this, because on my mission we have had the chance to do 2 hours of family history work a week. I really enjoy doing it, and it is super cool to find the people you are related to! We have also been helping Elizabeth with her family history, trying to get her tree started for her, and that is a neat opportunity we have had to help her.

On Saturday we had our most productive day. We went and gave a blessing to one of the sister’s investigators who has a growth in his lung. I always cherish the opportunity to give blessings, even though it scares me to death every time. But after that we headed out to try and contact some people again. We were walking down and I thought we should stop by Bertin again, and right as we got to his house he pulled up. Started talking to him and his mom has just passed away from cancer. Super sad day for him. And also his work schedule has changed, so we will probably be able to meet with him in the afternoons again and resolve some of his concerns. Then we went by Issac. He let us in and we talked about the Book of Mormon a little. He wasn’t super interested and then we brought up the part about Christ coming to the Americas and he was like, "I never knew that! I will read that part." so that was super cool. Then we went by a couple Giovana y Tino and taught them the restoration. They seemed pretty interested, which was good. It was also cool because they said they usually go out, but that night they decided not too because their son was sick, God works in mysterious ways.

Tengan una buena semana!
(Have a great week!!!)


Elder Porter

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Burning a really ugly tie for my 6 months.

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