Monday, January 26, 2015

Tocamos mas que 120 puertas esta semana

This week was a big week of tracting for us. We knocked over 120 doors. Can I just say that white people are ornery? I’m so glad I’m a Spanish missionary because Hispanics are usually so much nicer than whites. But don’t get me wrong, there are some really nice white people too, but usually they just say "no" and shut the door. All you can do is smile and say, "have a nice day" and jump so the door doesn’t hit ya in the behind ;)

But there have been some good fruits of the tracting we did. We have 5 new investigators and I think three of them have some really good potential, but all 5 could become members too, who knows!

Really cool was when we knocked a door and a Hispanic man answered and he talked to us in English, so we responded in English. His name was Jose and he let us share a scripture with him. We asked if we could leave him with a prayer and he said yes. Then I asked who would he prefer to say the prayer. He then replied "I don’t know I’ve never done this before" and for some reason I said, "Have you met missionaries before?" I don’t know why I said that, looking back it doesn’t make sense. But then he told us how his mom used to meet with missionaries from some church when he was little. The only thing he remembers from them is pamphlets. SO I pulled out one and he said it was like that. So super cool that he has had contact with missionaries before. :)

We have also taught Carlos and Elizabeth a lot this week. One day we were going in to teach the commandments: baptism and follow the prophet. But as we were talking we started talking about fasting, and then the lesson turned into a lesson about fasting to receive extra blessings from the Lord to help them in their situation. I hope they received it well and that they may fast and the Lord will help them. Carlos was also received the Aaronic priesthood yesterday at church. Super cool experience as I got to stand in the circle with him. It is incredible to see the changes in Carlos and Elizabeth as I have been here in Seymour. They used to fight a lot in front of us when I first came in, and now they are a lot more loving. Elizabeth also has this notebook that she takes notes about the scriptures in. She has stayed up late most nights reading the scriptures. Super cool! The gospel really does change lives.

Love you all! Hope your week goes great!

Elder Porter

Stuff to Mom:
I asked about his companion being from Utah again, and asked if any of the Spanish speaking were from somewhere other than Utah.

Most missionaries are from Utah, but ya there are some from other places. He is from Orem though. I have been doing a lot of senior comp things, but that’s just cuz that is my personality, I have toned it down and started making him do some of the stuff. I don’t need to do everything.

I was telling him about talk I was giving in church talking about judging something by the fruits it produces.  Here is his response: 

I think that is the best way to see if the gospel is true, look at the people who are wholeheartedly following the church, and look at the good that comes from them. That is the biggest testimony for me. Don’t worry though, Luis didn’t hurt my pride, I know my Spanish isn’t as good as someone who is a native, that’s a given. All I can do is my best.

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