Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ya tenemos nieve!!! Mucho nieve!!!

So yesterday was President’s Day, so we couldn’t email then. But it dumped snow! Literally snowed for over 14 hours! Made our p-day a little boring cuz it wasn’t smart to drive up to Columbus to hang out with the other missionaries. So we went to a lot of stores, and walked through every isle in them. Interesting things can be found this way!

But this last week was actually pretty good. We had another zone conference and we learned a lot about family history again, and about having the righteous desires to serve and stuff. Learned a lot about my outlook on the work and my attitude.

So if you remember Luis who we used to teach, but then started going to a church with his Uncle. Well he moved and we lost him. We have been trying for the last few weeks to find him again with no avail. But then on Saturday it was freezing and we decided to leave the trailer park to go warm up and tract in some apartments. The very last apartment we knocked on let us right it. There was an older man and a younger man. The older one said that it was a miracle that we were here. I was a little confused but happy he was so nice. Then all of a sudden literally running though the door, comes Luis!!! This was the uncle who he was now going to church with and he moved in with him. So we stayed and talked for a while. The uncle really likes to talk, especially about God, so we didn’t get much of a lesson in. But it was just such a blessing to find Luis again!

We had a lesson with Gisela set up and when we showed up her daughter Deseree answered and said that we could come in and teach her, but her mom and Xavier were asleep. So we go in and then she tells us her boyfriend is in her room at that time. So we told her to go get him and bring him out. His name is Andres. He is Hispanic and his mom is from Mexico. He is in High School. We then taught the restoration. They seemed really interested and when we asked if they would be baptized if they knew it was true, they both said yes! so that’s super awesome!

Had some lessons with Carlos and Elizabeth about the family proclamation. We haven’t finished reading it. But some of the lessons have gotten into some really deep questions that are hard to answer. So that is always fun

This is the last week before transfers, and I hope we can get more things moving here in Seymour!


Elder Porter

Our adventure into the forest.

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