Monday, January 12, 2015

Pues, viene otro compañero esta semana. Me pongo un poco triste.

So Saturday we got transfer calls. I am staying but Elder Wright is leaving. I am really sad that he is leaving because I really enjoyed being his companion. I am the only missionary in Seymour that is staying. The Seymour sisters are being double transferred out. Time to expand my social circle!

This week was not a big week for lessons, but we did have some really cool service opportunities.

We were with Carlos teaching him a lesson and his wife wasn’t home. Right as we get done with the lesson she comes in just crying. She goes and stands in front of her son, and says to him "I’m sorry I can’t feed you. I don’t have any money and no one wanted to help me out. I’m sorry."  And then she goes into her room crying. We had known that they were not the greatest financially, being newlyweds and not really knowing how to budget, but we didn’t know it was that bad. Their house was also having problems because it had been cold for a few days. Their hot water pipes had frozen and their windows were not good so there were drafts coming thorough them. They were only using space heaters so their electric bill was going way high. We calmed the wife down and got her to realize she would be ok. We then met with the Sisters and got some baby formula from someone in their ward. Then on Saturday we went with our Branch President and helped them unfreeze their pipes. President then sat them down and started helping them make a budget so they would know what they had money for. While he did this Elder Wright and I taped up plastic over all their windows. We spend over 3 hours there that day.

We have had a hard time getting a lesson with Luis. He is totally willing to set one up, but then something comes up and he can’t do it. So hopefully we can get in contact with him and set up a real lesson.

Luis has a friend who is interested in learning about Christ and stuff. So Luis told him about us. We got in contact with him. We have a lesson set up with him tomorrow. I hope it goes through because he wants Luis there, but Luis has been hard to have a lesson with.

Had a really cool experience this week. Elder Wright and I said a prayer before leaving the apartment. Elder Wright asked that we could have  a miracle. Then we went and looked at the map and I pointed out an area we hadn’t been to yet. We decided to go there. First door was slammed in our faces. The second door was a really nice Guatemalan guy (Guatemalans are sick!) And then the third one was answered by a boy. We asked if his parents were home and he said someone was. A man came to the door (this is all in English btw) that looked kind of Hispanic, but more black, and had a slight accent. He let us in and the first thing we saw in the house was a calendar right by the door with naked girls on it. I was like "oh boy here we go." We shared a scripture and it went really well. Then we talked to him and I asked him if he had a church he went to and he said the same one as us. I was like "ok whatever dude," and then he told us his name. His name is Arturo "Chocolate" Romero. Come to find out he is a less active that we have been trying to find all transfer. He moved in with his friend because rent was too much at his apartment. So everything in the house wasn’t his (which made me feel better because then the porn wasn’t his either)

Been a pretty good week. Sorry I don’t have any pictures this week.

Love you all

Elder Porter

Mom’s corner:
I liked this from letters to me – He told me he learned a lot from Elder Wright that will make his life so much easier– specifically, “How to chill out a little and stuff, and be super self motivated.”

I asked if his companion was sad to leave.  He said, “Ya, I think he liked it here, but I mean who can be super sad when it’s God who wants you to move.”

Spoken like a true missionary! J

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